Friends and Family Baseball League

Official Press Release

Capital City Goofballs change team name to Chief's Wahoo

The Goofballs are no more. After two seasons & two dead-last finishes we have decided the team needs a stronger, more fierce identity that will command the respect of the rest of the league.

The CHIEF'S WAHOO is that new identity. It will make our opponents quiver in fear. Our inspiration comes from the Cleveland Indians & their attempts to quietly fade out their Chief Wahoo logo. Pussy move, Tribe. It'll always be Jacobs Field & it'll always be Chief Wahoo. We will not make this mistake. We stand strong by Chief Wahoo as he is not only our logo but our identity!

We are also inspired by Chief Wahoo McDaniel. The chief was a Choctaw-Chickasaw Native American, a professional football player & a professional wrestler. If that's not bad-ass enough, the Chief is a 39-time champion & a member of five Hall of Fames.

And that's just in Wresting. As an Indian Chief he once slit the throat of a pilgrim & ate him for Thanksgiving dinner.

Chief's Wahoo New Identity