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Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Children’s Dental World (CDW) offers patients access to specialized pediatric dentistry and orthodontic services. The practice’s six pediatric dentists take pride in offering a warm and welcoming environment for young patients, and offer in-house general anesthesia and sleep dentistry solutions. The Children’s Dental World staff emphasizes preventative care, with a focus on instilling proper oral hygiene from an early age.

Among CDW’s distinctive features is the strong communicative relationship that its pediatric dentists have forged with the staff orthodontist. Their collaborative approach ensures that integrated treatment plans are developed from the outset to circumvent serious jaw growth issues that can result in braces, surgery, or extractions. Orthodontic treatments that utilize fixed and removable appliances to adjust cross bites enable the restoration and maintenance of proper spacing. In addition, the dental team is experienced in guiding the positioning of permanent teeth as they erupt and grown in. The Winnipeg practice emphasizes value-focused care and offers all of its orthodontic patients custom mouth guards at no extra cost.

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