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The China Rilin Construction Group combines efficient building, advanced technology, and expert management consultation into a single, international firm. Clients receive a comprehensive range of services, including cost-related research, bidding, project supervision, and cost management. Further services, such as equipment and material acquisition, are also offered, along with contract reviews, adjustable cost plans, and land requisition. The China Rilin Construction Group also owns the Dandong Port, a wharf that has grown 30 percent annually, producing nearly 60 million metric tons every year.

The port's current volume will be increased to 150 million metric tons within five years. Located in the Chinese province of Liaoning, close to North and South Korea, the Dandong Port remains the lone seaway gate to the coastal economic belt often referred to as the Golden Triangle. The firm's affiliation with the port enables it to meet client needs without hesitation. Similar strategic partnerships include the firm's stake in Dandong Pasite Grain and Oil Co., Ltd., the most productive soybean oil facility in the northeastern part of the country.

US-China Trade: Imports and Trade Balance

A prominent international construction company with locations throughout the world, China Rilin Construction Group has emerged as a global leader in distribution, logistics, and manufacturing. The China Rilin Construction Group conducts a large amount of trade in both China and the United States, which currently enjoy a significant trade relationship. In 2012 alone, the two countries traded nearly $580 billion in goods and private services.

In 2013, China stood out as the United States’ single largest supplier of imported goods. Although the range of goods that the U.S. imported from China was very broad, the most noteworthy categories included electrical machinery, footwear, toys and sports equipment, and furniture and bedding. The U.S. also imported a number of agricultural products, from fruit and vegetable juices to snack foods and processed fruits.

In 2013, the United States possessed a trade deficit of more than $318 billion with China, which accounted for nearly half of the overall U.S. trade deficit that year.

NYU Center on U.S.-China Relations Releases First Commissioned Article

Through affiliations with international firms such as West Legend and the Dandong Port Group Co., Ltd., the China Rilin Construction Group operates in a wide range of sectors, including maritime shipping, manufacturing, and real estate. Building on this interest in international relations, the China Rilin Construction Group was a major player in the establishment of the Center on U.S.-China Relations at New York University.

In studying the interactions between U.S. and Chinese businesses and government entities, the Center maintains a focus on foreign policy and economic development. It aims to split its research equally between the two topics and deliver its findings via commissioned papers in academic journals.

Professor Chu Shulong of Tsinghua University completed the Center’s first sponsored article in 2013. Titled “Two Pillars of Long-Term China-U.S. Relations,” the article explores the primary factors that have contributed to ongoing stability between the two nations. Professor Chu Shulong notes that, despite major social and economic developments throughout the world over the past four decades, the United States and China have not experienced any major conflict. He attributes this in part to the fact that both countries share many common interests, dating back to strategic collaboration during the Cold War. He describes the countries’ second “pillar” of stability as both governments’ willingness to accept the interests of the other without confrontation, even when they are not in agreement.

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