Makey't Happen

Learn Chinese While Having Fun!

May 18 2014

Reasons for Why it was Created: For others to know, learn and value the importance of the Chinese language.

Purpose: To learn Chinese in an entertaining way.

Why is it Important: To be able to know how to speak and understand Chinese. It can help shape and prepare the future generation for what is to come.

Design: Game Controller - 'CBox 2018'

Our first idea for the Makey-Makey design was to have something similar to an iPad or a mini blackboard with a chalk. However, we needed a stylus, (the chalk would be the stylus if we went with the blackboard design) which is something we did not know how to make work. We also did not have proper materials for it to not look like it came from the trash. Moreover, the first Scratch program did not work out so well, so we had to go back to the brainstorming stage.

After much brainstorming, we decided to theme our project. This time, we wanted to try something with a gamer feel to it, and came up with the homemade game controller.


The experience in creating the Scratch program in collaboration with the Makey-Makey was extremely strenuous and difficult. Not only did we have to scrap out many brilliant ideas, but we also had to make sure it was something do-able and original. In addition to that,  whenever there were problems found in the program, the project itself would follow and vice versa.

Our first idea of having multiple Chinese characters in the program was scrapped out because it had too much errors. It lacked audience interaction, had too much information and was downright boring. Not only were there defects in the program, but the Makey Makey output itself seemed impossible to create as well. In order to make things easier for us, we decided to think of something else.

Instead of the former idea, we decided to make a role-playing game along with a matching game controller. We also wanted for there to contain several choices as to where to go and what topic to learn. Although we came to realise the Makey-Makey keys were limited and several revisions were needed to be done before reaching the final project.

The process of making a collaborative program using scratch and Makey-Makey together was definitely tiring and challenging as it caused us unnecessary stress. We had to make and find ways for the Scratch program to fit the restrictions of the Makey-Makey. Due to the limitations and lack of keys, we had to continuously change, revise, and even re-do our Scratch program. Both underwent several remixes before reaching the final project.

                                   It was a long journey, but it was worthwhile.

C.C. Group: Johanna Dy Juanco, Louie Cheng, Maureen Woo, John Yun, Bea San Juan, Eli Lagdameo, Nandika Gupta and Jewel Siy