I have an iPad, now what?

Tips and Tricks for using your iPad in the Classroom

1890 - The Chalkboard - the first reusable writing surface, still used in classrooms today.

1930 - The Overhead Projector - Tool used for displaying a variety of images, still used in classrooms today.

1972 - The Scantron - reduced the time spent grading test, still used in classrooms today.

1980 - The CPU - most classrooms have one or two of these.

1984 - The LCD Projector - finally almost every classroom has one of these!

1999 - The Interactive Whiteboard - 15 years later, almost all of our classrooms have one.

2005 - Student Response Clickers - we have them, but many more (better) online options.

2010 - The iPad - it's only been 4 years!  We can't live without them!

Let's Start with the Basics

Let's Manage the Classroom

Where to find good apps?

Share it with your students!

Giving up control can be scary, but just remember that it's allow about management.  Give the students clear rules and expectations for the iPad and don't forget about guided access.

Class Games

Other great ideas for student use:

* Student Rewards
* Small Group Projects - research, create project

A Few Good Apps for your Students to Use

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