Justin Michael John Fanning-An Ode to Erikson

That look on my face is so humorously condescending it's hilarious

Trust vs Mistrust-0 to 1 years, where a baby struggles with trusting relationships with caregivers.

My parents said that I hardly ever cried at separation, but that I enjoyed holding hands and physical touch. This foreshadowed my later independence by showing that I was handling everything better than expected.

If that's not scary then I don't know what is

Autonomy vs Doubt/Shame-1 to 3 years, the time of developing independence and the foreshadowing of leadership.

My parents said that I was always pretty amicable and never a terrible two or three, which continues to be my nature today due to my past success. They also said I was very independent, while still loving people. I could always be by myself, but could also comfortably be a leader to or be around others.

Love that smile, hope I still got it

Initiative vs Guilt-3 to 6 years, this is the stage where leadership, or lack-thereof, is developed as well as ambition or greed.

My parents said I was always very confident as well as deeply caring through sympathy or other means. This well equipped me to be a leader, and it has carried to today.

I was Milton Hershey because chocolate of course

Industry vs inferiority-6 years to puberty, this is the stage where pride and a sense of belonging is developed, as well as industrious natures.

My parents said I was very productivity oriented, always finding little projects like selling gum or lemonade to do, as well as pet interests or projects. They said I was never cliquey with anyone as I wanted to be friends with everyone, a trait that has gotten me caught in crossfire many a time, yet one that carries to today.

39 x 39 Patty Challenge at Burger House

Identity vs Role-Adolescence, this is the development of true independence of identifying characteristics and definition of oneself.

My parents said that I always wanted to excel at things, then found my physicality and used it well in conjunction with my penchant/admiration for higher level thinking.

I've been with her over 3 years!!

Intimacy vs Isolation-Young adulthood, this is where the development surpasses the individual and is focused on relationships with others.

My parents said that this defines me, and I agree. I live for the relationships I have, and they bring me great pride. They also said I'd be a great dad, which I appreciate because I love kids/babies and enjoy taking care of people.

Just middle-aged me, driving around.

Generativity vs Self Absorption/Stagnation-Middle adulthood, this is where success by anyone's definition stems from, and lives are determined financially or otherwise.

My parents said they think I'll be successful because of my brightness and personable nature, but that I don't use my talents to the best of my abilities and need to work harder.

Me as an older man

Integrity vs Despair-Senior adulthood, this is the stage where reflection on a life well lived or otherwise occurs, and is accordingly reacted to.

My parents said that while I don't handle death well, I'll still be able to reflect positively on my own life. I agree with them, but maintain that my own mortality isn't scary, while the mortalities or drastic negative changes in any life of a given loved one of mine is the scariest.

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