A Residual Current Device or rcd fuse replacement (also known as a safety switch), are an insurance against electric shock. They are installed in your switchboard and work in conjunction with your circuit breakers or fuses. They are designed to prevent injury or death.

They monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit. A fuse box is the old fashioned term for now called a consumer unit. It's also sometimes called an RCD or Residual Current Device.

Do you operate or own a business and need someone who can efficiently and honestly monitor all of your electrical concerns? Luckily All Points Electrical Safety specializes in making sure all your electrical equipment is running efficiently and safely.

The Electrical Safety test and Electrical Work Procedure apply to all managers and workers who carry out electrical activities under the auspices of the University.

But a Smoke alarm replacement system has just been launched that will make the process a lot simpler and cheaper. Domestic electrical testing ensures this impedance is correctly measured and then safety can be confirmed.

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