Minoxidil- The Best Hair Growth Solution For Women

With nearly 2,000,000 balding women, the market demand for Minoxidil 2% is consistently high. Do you know that generic Minoxidil is the only such available licensed treatment related to hair loss that gives positive results for both women and men? It is wrong to consider baldness as something exclusive to the male of the species. In order to promote the use of this highly useful treatment among women the manufacturers these days are packaging it in a woman centric way with special applicators in cute pink boxes. Such targeted marketing is increasing the popularity of the product among the focus group.

You will be surprised to note that the original use of this product was as a regulator of BP with the side effect being as you can guess….EXCESSIVE HAIR GROWTH! Some clever people quickly realized a way to market this amazing feature and this way finally gave hope to millions of people across the globe. Whether you want to remain bald or wish to reverse the effects for a change now becomes your choice completely because the way out is available to you.

Minoxidil for womenisable to help you with female pattern baldness because it boosts circulation in the scalp area initiating growth from follicles. Once its growth properties were identified, it was introduced in the market in the liquid form at the beginning. Today, it is available as foam, shampoo, the liquid, and other topical formats. Make your choice based upon what your specialist orders or ease of use. For success, it is important to go for long-term use and you will need to rub it on the scalp twice during the day-during the morning and the evening.

How useful is this product in reversing the effects of hair loss? It not only addresses the loss of hair but also promotes growth. In a survey, almost four men and three women out of a group of five each belonging to both the genders have supported the positive aspects of Minoxidil treatment conclusively. Even if you have a genetic tendency towards going bald, it doesn't mean that it is actually going to happen. Most women tend to shed more amounts of hair when undergoing stress or hormonal imbalance.

Not only the hair loss patterns but also the overall processes related to it are quite different in men and women. In men, hair follicles take longer to deteriorate and developing hair appears wispy and thin. However, in women, the hair will appear normal individually and they just become fewer in numbers as some follicles simply go into the dormant phase. Minoxidil will bring these follicles back to life and will initiate them to re-grow hair. Sometimes lack of sufficient nutrition is also a big factor in female pattern baldness. In such cases, you will have to take nutritional supplements along with your Minoxidil treatment.

Do not let hair fall and incipient baldness turn into a constant botheration; help is near at hand in the form of Minoxidil foamand similar products. For more information, visit the website MinoxidilDirect.com.

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