Hello, We are ChocolateFabric.
About our product:
We have a product made named, Healthy Chocolate Box.
This product is made for people who want to lose weight or want to eat healthy chocolate.
There are some tasty flavors you really got to try out!
They cost 1.50 pound for one box
( there are five chocolates in a
box ).

About ourself :
We are Cheyenne, Kyra and Nina we live in The Nethelands.
We make all the flavors by ourself in our kichen. If you want to take a look at our workplace or you have a question, you are welcome by:
De Tollenhof 1, The Netherlands, Kesteren.
But make first a call to 4800-481-492.

Greetings from:
Cheyenne, Kyra and Nina.

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