Everyone has Cholesterol and not everyone watches their cholesterol level or it can lead to either heart attack or stroke. But most of the time people don't really find out whats really going on till after something bad has happened.

LDL and HDL is explained here.....

1. After the LDL is broken down it turns into plac it is like a black tar that sticks to your wall and blocks so not much blood goes through.

2. The results that a doctor will gets about a persons cholesterol and the doctor will tell the patient if they need to watch their cholesterol level.

3. A patient can eat a better diet and stay active and watch their cholesterol level so they don't have to worry about heart attack or stroke.

4. If someone eats something with high saturated and trans fat and don't stay active, The sugars have no where to go and they get stored away and build up to where the person gains more weight.

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