Choose Your Style of Photography Before Deciding on Your Wedding Photographer

If you have finalized the dates of your big day, booked your venue and chosen your wedding dress, then you are forgetting the most important part of the day. A wedding photographer! Choosing a wedding photographer is for many, as important as all other elements of the big day. In the past years, the art of wedding photography has changed tremendously. Now, there are many styles of wedding photography out there. But, before deciding on the photographer, pick the style of photography you want on your special day.

What style of images you want, how long you want your photographer to spend taking photographs on the day and most importantly of all, how comfortable you are with your photographer so that you can be yourself in front of the camera. Artistic, documentary, vintage or contemporary are just a few styles that are in demand right now. Most a good photographer will adapt more than one of these styles on your day based on their interpretation of a particular moment. During a wedding a good photographer will be incorporating strong composition, using a background that is pleasing to the eye, good lighting to enhance the skin, and flattering angle at which to capture the bride & groom and their families. So, always discuss the different wedding photography styles with your chosen photographer to establish the style of photographs that you plan love to treasure for your lifetime.

In order to capture the moments with precision as they happen, the photographer needs to be professional. The photographs captured tend to reflect the natural happenings of the day covering all the emotions like fun, laughter, joy, happiness and of course natural smiles. Nowadays, photo-journalistic/documentary photography is becoming more and more popular as it showcases the real story of your day from beginning to end showing all the detailing and major events.

Pauline Dennigan is one such photographer with many years of experience and a strong photo journalistic style. Pauline listens very carefully to what your needs are and will be able to tweak her style based on what you want. There are many skilled and experienced photographers in Killarney, but Pauline will fit perfectly with this style of photography that will unfold your wedding day page by page and moment by moment.

What sets Pauline apart from the rest of the Kerry Wedding Photographers, is her skill not just photographically but in finding out who you really are as a couple, so that your personalities shine through the photographs. She is well known for producing amazing work all in a very un-intrusive manner. She is a diverse photographer who works with wedding couples, new born, children, families, business people and models. For more information, please visit

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