Choosing the Best Rental Furniture Colors For Small Spaces

Beyond knocknig down a wall, there is little one can do to add more physical space to a room. You can, however, create the illusion of more space by executing known decor strategies using color. Let's take a look at a few shades that have been known to the bring out the best in tiny spaces.

Purple For Regal Elegance

Many seasoned designers aim to make small rooms stand out by painting the picture of miniature jewels. For example, dark purples can create a room that looks and feels as if was draped in velvet. Throw in some elegantly designed vases with plush finishing for regal appeal that sets a royal mood in the environment.

Red For Eye-popping Warmth

Red has a reputation for being brash and flamboyant. Don't let that deter you because it is an excellent choice for cramped spaces. An arrangement of red furniture and accents can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that sings with style.

Gray For Stunning Illumination

Gray is often associated with cold winds and glum skies. However, in the right shade, this color can illuminate the room with sizzle and warmth. Pairing a gray ottoman up with a silver-framed wall mirror or metal table lamp is simple way to achieve an artistic vibe that stands out on first glance.

Green For Energizing Influence

With everything from computer desks and standing book shelves to account for, home office space gets gobbled up fairly quickly. Rich green fabrics on sofas or sectionals can bathe the room in sunlight and create an energetic, yet cozy atmosphere on the grayest of days.

Black For Transformative Effect

Some designers subscribe to the belief of the smaller the space, the bigger impact made by darker colors. Even blacks and dark charcoal can foster comfort and relexation in close quarters. Experimenting with darker shades and larger furniture pieces can make a room appear larger than it really is.

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