Historical Figure Facebook Project

. Computer Science . Nelson Mandela . December 19th-2013

, I Pick Nelson Mandela As My Facebook Project Because I Know That It Seems That In Today’s World, Young People Look More And More Towards Actors, Singers, And Other Celebrities As Their Role Models. Though Looking Up To Positive Examples Set By Certain Celebrities Is Not A Bad Thing, It Is Important For The Youth To Remember Important Figures Like Nelson Mandela. Just this past December 5th Nelson Mandela Died . Nelson Mandela Accomplishment To Make Sure Every One Would Be Okay And Be A former South African president. As A Man Who Is Seen As A Champion For Human Rights, Justice, Equality, Peace, And Democracy, Nelson Mandela Had A lot To Ofter The Young People Of The World. .

Nelson Mandela Helped So Many People because He Wanted Them To Live The Life They Always Pictured To Live .

Nelson Mandela Changed The World By Struggling Against oppression in his country of South Africa. He spent 27 years in prison because of his views against apartheid, and showed the world that people should fight for what they believe in. Mandela was a key player in the war against racial discrimination

, Nelson Mandela Lived In South America & Was The President , He Helped So Many People Through Out His Life . Nelson Also Fought For Black People Rights During Aparthied .

South Africa's first black president and anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela has died at the age of 95 On December 5Th And

Mr Mandela led South Africa's transition from white-minority rule in the 1990s, after 27 years in prison for his political activities. Nelson Mandela Helped So Many People In Many Different Ways , To Where As Though EveryOne Looked Up Tew Him .