Hurricane Sandy

The hurricane that changed everything
Natalia Routhier

Hurricane Sandy was a shock to all. No one knew that it was coming. Well, they did, but the people of New York and New Jersey thought it would blow over.

Once they found out that Sandy was coming, they were frightened. When Sandy hit, I imagine their fear intensified by a lot. Many people died or were injured, and others were either locked in their house, a building, or were trying to find shelter and get out of the storm.

This historical replica named the Bounty was hit by the hurricane and sunk. Out of the 16 people on that ship, 14 survived. The other two, including the captain, were reported missing.

The people were not prepared at all for this storm. Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of New Jersey and New York really hard, and most people died or was injured. Houses were destroyed, and people were in desperate need of help, shelter, and medical attention.

Hurricane Sandy caused many fires, thus being the reason why homes were destroyed.

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