European Exploration Proposal

Dear King Henry IV of France,                                                                         October 30, 1600

                           France is such an incredible province. As an Englishmen, when I hear France's name I think, " Wow, what an amazing country." I could go to Europe with this offer but they are too foolish to even consider it. Now you, The King of France, are smart enough to accept this offer right away.  England and Spain have always been jealous of  your country's growth. All the wealth and power you have, they just can't stand it. Now to gain more money and power than you, they have sent explorers out to North America. Their plan is  to mint money through all these settlements.  I, Charles Patrick Murphy, will be honored  to explore North America for the country of France.


Spain and England will be clueless about your plan. You will become extremely wealthy and powerful. You will rule the world, everyone will worship you, and you will be the king of North America. All Hail Henry IV!

Since I am a native of England, I have an unlimited amount of resources to make this exploration a sure success.

My friend sells compasses and he offered me to trade one in for a nice map. He will also provide the compasses and all the other supplies.  I will also buy a huge ship and take a minimal amount of sailors so we have enough space for food, supplies, etc. There is a government official in England who has also sold me a map from another English explorers expeditions.  I am the only one who has access to these rare resources.

There has been much conflict between the Europeans and the Native Americans. To make this exploration a success, we will have to take every step very carefully. I will first leave the Europeans on the ship and give gifts to the Native Americans. They won't harm me because I am alone with no defense. Next I will ask them for help. If they say no, we will be very kind to them until they are forced to give in. For the Europeans, I will simply lie to them about their offers. This will be the best way to keep peace among them.

I plan to leave in February 1612. The climate will be a little chilly but will get better, and we will reach their with plenty of time before the winter. The resources France wants  are fur trade and fishing rights of the North American Coast. I promise to find these resources for you.  If you would like me as your explorer, there are a few expenses and deals that you must agree to first. Any exotic seeds I find are mine, but rest is yours. You must be wondering why seeds. I work in the farm industry so if I have exotic seeds, no one else would have them, and everyone would have to come to me to buy them. It would make us really rich and we could have a better lifestyle.

Sorry about the blurriness of the map. This was the best one I had access to as of now. If you are to accept my offer, better maps will be coming in soon. Initially, we will aim to go  for the gray area on the map. We will settle north so we have access to fur trade and will settle by the water for fishing rights.

Please write back soon and I look forward to hearing back from you!

Best Regards,

Charles Patrick Murphy

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