Five Themes of Geography

Theme One: Location

Location is any object's position or place that it is found. Right now, you location is at Edwards middle school. (or your house depending on where you are viewing this from)

This picture shows a marked location on the map.

Theme Two: Place

Place describes the unique characteristics of a location. For example: New York has a lot of skyscrapers which makes it unique.

This City is a place

Theme Three: Region

A group of locations that have similar characteristics. There are three major regions is North Carolina: The Coastal Plains, The Piedmont, and the Mountains

This shows the many regions of the USA

Them Four: Movement

Movement is the travel of any object to another location. We are constantly moving even if we don't feel it because Earth is constantly rotating and revolving.

This dog is moving

Theme Five: Human-Environment Interaction

Human-Environment Interaction is when Humans and the Environment interact in some way. Farming is an example of Human-Environment Interaction.

This man is farming

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