The Pigman


John: A complicated guy and is not drug free, he is also always in conflict with his father.(sophomore)

Lorraine: A high school sophomore who is a goodie-goodie when friends are not around.

Mr.pignati: A lonely old man whose wife has passed away.

John's father: he is often stressed out because he has a stressful job at the exchange.

John's mother: All she really does is clean and she doesn't care what john does.

Lorraine's mother: She works at a nurse for elderly patients, when she was pregnant her husband left her and therefore she hates man.

Norton: John's and Lorraine's classmate, he steals and he is tough because he use to play with dolls.


The setting took place in Staten Island New York city

Exposition: john and lorraine become friends with Mr.pignati, and they started knowing each other better.

Rising action: Norton wants to steal from Mr.pignati but john lies to norton's questions.

Climax: John threw a party but norton showed up uninvited so norton stole a telescope(and also other electrical stuff) and broke Mr.pignati's pigs, but john had a fight with norton.

Falling action: Mr.pignati comes back from the hospital and sees the pigs broken and conchetta's clothes is ripped so he goes upstairs and cries.

Resolution: John and Lorraine go to the zoo with Mr.pignati, and that's when he realized bobo is dead, so then Mr.pignati died. (cause of a broken heart)


Mr.pignati had a stroke when he went rolling skating upstairs so he had to go to the hospital. Another conflict is when John and Lorraine threw a party, but it got out of hand.

Mr.pignati is lonely, his wife conchetta passed away so now he has no one to talk to or to spend time with. But the only thing that keeps him alive is a baboon named bobo. Bobo is the source of energy that keeps him alive, if that source of energy is gone Mr.pignati will be gone too.(dead)

After a breakup, there is a great feeling of loneliness that overcomes us. For so long, we felt that we were a part of something bigger than ourselves. Suddenly we are left with the realization that we no longer have another to lean on. The loneliness is overwhelming. We have become used to having someone with us all the time. We probably made all our decisions together. To suddenly be alone after intense togetherness is a very lonely feeling.

Death:is mentioned through out the story

This poem relates to Mr.pignati because he lost his wife and in the poem it relates to that.

Mr.pignati and bobo


The pigs: The pig collection represents his happy life with conchetta.

3 monkeys in the pet department: This represent the relationship of Mr.pignati, john, and lorraine.

Monkeys in a cage: It shows how john, lorraine, john's mom, and Mr.pignati are trapped in a cage too. John feels trapped of his father's expectation on becoming a businessman. John's mother is trapped in obsession with cleaning. Mr.pignati is trapped in the death of conchetta. Lorraine is trapped by her mother's  suspicions.


Lorraine dreams of a coffin in the pig room: Mr.pignati is going to die and the pigs are going to break.

Norton threatens to steal electronics from Mr.Pignati's house:Norton ends up stealing from Mr.pignati.


Text To Self: When john made wrong decisions;I also have made wrong decisions.

Text To World:When john and lorraine lied to Mr.pignati about their real name;at least 60% of the world lies about something.

John and Lorraine

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3 years ago

Mr.Piganti is like a father that John and Lorraine.

3 years ago

I think Mr. Pignati is their father figure since John's father doesn't care for him and Lorraine's father died.

3 years ago

He is like a father that they never had.

3 years ago

I think Mr.pignati is Is a figure father to them

3 years ago

Mr. Pignati is like a father figure

3 years ago

Mr.P is like an FATHER figure to Lorraine and John

3 years ago

Mr.Pignati was a father figure to John and Lorraine. He was also the fun parent and the person they could go to for and have no problems. Mr.Pignati was like a home to John and Lorraine and he was very important. John and Lorraine needed Mr.Pignati and Mr.Pignati needed John and Lorraine.

3 years ago

They are his best friend and their father figure

3 years ago

Mr.Pignati is like the sweet awsome loving crazy caring parent they never had 😄 😄 😄 😍 😍 😍 💗 💗 💗

3 years ago

Mr. Pignati to Lorraine he was like a father that her mother would like if she knew him, because he knows how to treat people with respect. To John he is like a father because his father never pays attention to him,but he shouldn't go and try to look for a new father. He needs to try to work things out with his father and at the end of the day that's still his father.