Chris Grollnek

Police and Security Consultant

About Chris Grollnek

Throughout his career as a Staff Noncommissioned Officer in the United States Marine Corps and subsequently as a police Corporal, Chris Grollnek has shown an unwavering commitment to his country and community. Chris Grollnek served with the Marine Corps for 11 years, moving through the ranks, securing the number one selection spot for meritorious Staff Sergeant while serving as a drill instructor at Parris Island in 1997. After a successful tour on the drill field, he was stationed at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, where he was selected to be the Assistant to the Commanding Officer of the Marine Corps Detachment. Writing and editing the curriculum for eight formal joint service schools, Mr. Grollnek became a Master Instructor in the Marine Corps Weapons Training Programs until his honorable discharge in 2000.

Chris Grollnek’s nine years of service with the McKinney Police Department are marked with distinction. His position included assignments with the highly coveted SWAT team and Undercover Narcotics Division. He worked operations and stings frequently while operating in numerous undercover situations and serving as the lead detective. Mr. Grollnek managed over 40 confidential informants and partnered with several federal and state prosecutors to effect the successful arrests, search warrants, and prosecutions of multiple offenders. Mr. Grollnek is a highly sought trainer with tactical and undercover operational experience. He earned a Police Shield Medal in 2008 for Acts of Valor, and upon his retirement, he held three merit awards, two Unit Commendations, and a Civic Achievement Award.

Chris Grollnek holds a B.S. in Business Management, which he earned while serving on the force, and in January 2012, he earned his M.S. in Administration of Justice and Security. Mr. Grollnek honorably retired from the police force in 2011, and since then he has continued his work with Countermeasure Consulting Group, a training services company he founded in 2010. He also provides security consulting services and is active with the International Association of Undercover Officers. He recently co-founded the nonprofit charity Scott’s Helping Hands and regularly volunteers with various gang and drug-abuse prevention programs in the community.

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