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What to do while visiting Toronto?

Toronto is Canada’s most popular city. Not only is it a very beautiful city, but there are also many tourist attractions. Below is a list of some of the most popular attractions in the Toronto area, in no particular order.

Tour the CN Tower

A visit to one of the world’s tallest free-standing structures is a must-do on your trip down to Toronto. Not only does it have an amazing view, but it is also very close to both the Rogers Centre and the Air Canada Centre. Over two million people visit the CN Tower every year, and you should be one.

Go to Canada’s Wonderland

Go ride all 69 rides at the largest theme park in the entire country of Canada. The theme park not only includes roller coasters, but they also have two water rides as well if you’re wanting to try something different.

Go to the Ontario Science Centre

Go explore the Ontario Science centre, where you can make cool science experiments of all kinds. See rocks from outer space, and take part in interactive exhibits.

Tour the Hockey Hall of Fame

This would be the hockey fan’s must-see attraction. The Hockey Hall of Fame features many different exhibits about different NHL teams, players, records, memorabilia, and trophies, which includes the Stanley Cup! Don’t forget to snap a pic of you with the cup while you’re there!

Tour the Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum attracts more than one million visitors every year. This comes as no surprise as the museum is one of the largest museums in all of North America. It has gotta be, considering it contains more than 6 million items, and 40 galleries inside!

Go shopping at the Eaton Centre

A stop at Toronto’s Eaton Centre is a must. As Toronto’s top tourist attraction, it attracts over one million visitors every week! Make sure you have the whole day to visit the mall though, as it is home to 330 different stores and services. This is a five-story high mall with plenty to do and see!

Go-Karting at Vaughan Mills

Huge go-karting track, and it's also very close to the Vaughan Mills mall, which is the 15th largest mall in Canada.

Go watch a Toronto Blue Jays game

A visit to the Rogers Centre to watch the Blue Jays play would make for an unforgettable experience in Toronto. Be amongst 50,000 other rowdy fans as you cheer on Canada’s only Major League Baseball team!

Travel Advisory


Last Updated: March 10, 2014 10:07 ET

Still Valid: October 7, 2014 22:07 ET


There is no nationwide advisory in effect for Toronto, Canada. Exercise normal security precautions.


The decision to travel is your responsibility. You are also responsible for your personal safety abroad. The purpose of this Travel Advice is to provide up-to-date information to enable you to make well-informed decisions.


Stay clear of dark alleys, or any areas that may be considered dangerous. Stay in more populated and busy areas of the city to ensure the highest chance of safety. Exercise caution, especially when alone and at night. Violent crimes, particularly assault, are commonly linked to drug and/or alcohol use. Stay alert at all times.


There are no major illnesses in Toronto. It is recommended that you get your average flu shots, to avoid getting minor illnesses.

Laws and Culture

Ontario may have other laws than other Canadian provinces. Alcohol can legally be consumed at age 19. Canada shares all drug-use laws, as most of them are illegal.

Natural Disasters and Climate

The chances of major natural disasters occurring in Toronto are very low. Climate can reach up to 30 degrees celsius, and may drop to as low as -25 degrees celsius, on average.

Sustainability Plan

At the Inner City Hotel here in Toronto, there are many environmental concerns. One of these would be the water use. With the amount of people staying in the hotel, too much water will be wasted. People will be showering everyday, plus we will have to wash all laundry, which will use even more water. Constant water-use throughout the day will have a very high cost for me. To fix it, I will limit the washing machines so we have to use cold water. That will save money because I won’t have to pay for the water to be heated. I couldn’t limit the amount of water the guests use, but I could limit the amount they use until they have to pay extra money. Each room could have a maximum limit of 100 litres a day, then after that I could charge an additional $0.50 for every additional litre they use. Another thing I could do, is in every room put a sign. This sign will say “If you want us to replace your towels, leave them on the floor. If you would like to re-use them like you do at home, hang them back up.” This could possibly decrease the amount of laundry because people who care for the environment will use their towels for more than once during their stay.

Another environmental concern that my hotel will have, is using too much electricity. People will leave lights on all day even when they’re not using them. They will leave the heat/AC on all the time, which would also use a lot of energy. To help reduce the electricity-use, I will install the lights that will automatically turn off if it doesn’t detect motion within a certain amount of time. This will help save a lot of energy in the long-run, as some guests leave their room for the day and leave all the lights on. By installing these motion-sensor lights, the amount of electricity being saved will be incredibly high. I could also lower the temperature in the lobby by one or two degrees. Those one or two degrees will save me a lot of money after a while.

One more environmental issue would be the amount of carbon emissions in the air. Cars release these emissions in the air every time people use their vehicles. There are too many emissions being released in the air, and there will always be lots because the hotel is located in toronto, a very busy city traffically. To fix this, our resort will limit our company vehicle to a certain number of kilometres every day. With limiting the amount of kilometres that our employees can use the company vehicles for, this will hopefully help with decreasing the amount of carbon emissions in the air. Now, this isn’t going to get rid of carbon emissions completely, but we can do our part and hopefully other people will too.   

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