Chris Raggio

Jackson, Mississippi, Philanthropreneur Dr. Chris Raggio

About Chris Raggio

An investor and philanthropreneur, Dr. Chris Raggio brings nearly a decade of experience to his current business endeavor, Advanced Neuropsych, LLC. The software development company focuses on helping mental health professionals provide more effective, customized treatments to their patients. Dr. Chris Raggio is currently developing a phone app that allows physicians to monitor a patient’s moods on a regular basis through simple questionnaires. The doctor could then download this information to get a fuller picture of the patient’s health between office visits, as opposed to hearing a subjective account from the patient on the day of the appointment. As a charitable project, Dr. Raggio is also designing software called BitCauses, which lets individuals make anonymous donations through a smartphone using Bitcoin technology.

A graduate of the University of Mississippi School of Medicine, Dr. Chris Raggio underwent substantial postgraduate training, including a six-year clinical fellowship in biomedical informatics at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. During his fellowship, he designed systems for electronic medical records, physician order entries, and decision support for use in clinical settings.

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