Christian Bush_Mesopotamia

Art & Architecture

The three reasons why I think Mesopotamia was so advanced: They made the system of writing(created),There ways of government, and the way they made irrigation.In Mesopotamia they created writing.

  • The reason why they created the system of writing was because they need a way to keep track of business,transactions,ownership rights, and government.
  • The reason why I think the way they made there government is so advance is because there was not anything the Mesopotamian people could follow by, so there for Hammurabi had to make something for the people to follow.
  • The Mesopotamian people did not believe in the after life.
  • The Mesopotamian people were the first to invent the wheel, the plow, and the sailboat.
  • The priests would read the lambs and chickens movements to see what the gods wanted.
  • The priests controlled irrigation, and they also had more power than the kings and queens. The Mesopotamian king ordered the construction of the Hanging Gardens for his wife because she grew up in the mountains and was homesick.
  • In the Mesopotamian religion there are 4 main gods of Earth, Water, Air and the Heavens. And there were 3,000 lesser gods and each represented an everyday item like a pickaxe. If you were mining and the pickax slipped and fell on your foot, the god of the pickaxe hated you.
  • Hammurabi’s dictates are often cited as the oldest written laws on record, but they were predated by at least two other ancient codes of conduct from the Middle East. The earliest, created by the Sumerian ruler Ur-Nammu of the city of Ur, dates all the way back to the 21st century B.C., and evidence also shows that the Sumerian Code of Lipit-Ishtar of Isin was drawn up nearly two centuries before Hammurabi came to power. These earlier codes both bear a striking resemblance to Hammurabi’s commands in their style and content, suggesting they may have influenced one another or perhaps even derived from a similar source.