Defining Moments in Canada's 20th Century

There has been many defining events, actions, and decision that has happened to Canada throughout the 20th century. Many of these events, actions, and decisions has changed the way Canadian's live. The second Battle of Ypres, the life of the Home Front in World War II, and the Invasion of D-Day helped develop Canada. These events/actions/decisions were important to Canada and changed the way Canadians live today.

During the 20th century, Canada participate in many battles in World War 2. The Canadian Division stayed strong through the battle while facing a new weapon of modern warfare; chlorine gas. The chlorine gas made the battle much harder for the Canadians that were in the battle. The Canadians stayed strong while the Algerians retreated. Their determination and self-sacrifice has earned Canada a reputation as tough and dependable troops.

Home front means that during a war, the civilian population is doing while the troops are fighting. Women played a very important role in the home front during World War Two. When more and more men were serving the country, women were called to take over the jobs usually done by men. Women work in the factories producing aircraft, ammunition, weapons and other goods needed for the war effort. This was one of the first times women were allowed to work. Woman usually stayed at home and take care of their children based on stereotypes said back then. Now they have allowed women to work and it has carried out all through the 20th century and into the 21st century.

D-Day was one of the most important battles in World War 2. The 3rd Canadian Division landed on Juno Beach and the Canadian assault troops went to the shore and faced a fierce opposition from the Germans. Fourteen thousand Canadians stormed Juno Beach on D-Day. Their courage, determination, and self-sacrifice were the main reasons for the success during the time. If it wasn't for the Canadians that stormed Juno Beach, it would've been harder for the Allies to gain a win against the Germans. This was an accomplishment the whole nation could be proud of.

All in all, many events, actions, and decisions define Canada. In conclusion, Canada's important role in the Battle of Ypres, life of the Home Front in World War 2, and the Invasion of D-Day, are only some of the events, actions, and decisions that helps define Canada.

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