Christina Westafer

Community-Focused Professional Christina Westafer

About Christina Westafer

Christina Westafer is a multifaceted professional whose background extends from promotional spokesmodeling to film and stage acting. She has extensive experience in the nursing field and currently assists laser therapy patients at Silk Spa. Christina Westafer is also a respected makeup artist who has a longstanding interest in dance performance. She is experienced in teaching pupils of all ages the finer points of disciplines such as jazz and tap dance.

Ms. Westafer has a passion for gardening and regularly takes camping excursions to scenic locales. She enjoys running as a way of staying fit and supports several health-focused nonprofits, including one that researches pediatric cancer. Ms. Westafer is an avid reader and viewer of the History Channel, with a particular interest in exploring family lineages, including European royalty. She also engages locally with efforts to preserve landmark buildings in historic districts. Christina Westafer’s interest in world cultures has motivated her fluency in a number of languages, including Russian and Spanish.

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