Wonder Character in the Spotlight:

character's tie to theme

I think via learned more about forgiveness. I think it impacted her the most because in the story there were a lot of times where she had to stop and think about stuff and like when in the story when she didn't really want August or her parents to come to the play. after she told her mom about it and august found out she had to forgive her self because she was mad at her self for saying that she didn't want august to come. Also another time is when in the book (the beginning) when she went to school the first like week and few days her friend Miranda and her other friend were be kind of snotty to her and being mean but later in the book when you read their separate parts you understand more and realize why  and so then she also had to learn about forgiveness because she forgave her and now they are best friends like last year.  

character influences

I think that Justin impacted Via the most because I think that when they stared going out he helped her maybe like understand more or "come out of her shell". Their relationship was important to the story because like for one example Justin kind of tale via in to  trying out for the play and even though she didn't make the part, she got the backup person and she ended up doing the part, but if they had never met she probably never would have had done that and that would have missed a hole chunk of the book.  Via had the most impact on August because she had like helped/made him like learn to grow up and that was good because it will help him in the future. like after his dog died he was  kind of being treated more grown up then he was before daisy (the dog) died. I think the relationship between via and august was very important because if via wasn't in the story I don't think august would be like as grown up in the end as he is now and like I said in the other part that would have missed a big chunk also.

art representation:

This picture is called starry night by Vincent van Gogh. This reminds me of via because she was very lonely and didn't have any one to talk to after her grandma had died. It also reminds me of her because in the beginning of the book she was really lonely and the dark colors makes me think of loneliness or sadness then towards the end of the book she gets happy and in this painting there is like a mixture of yellow witch makes me feel happy or glad.  So in the book you kind of get mixed emotions from via and in this painting I feel you also get mixed emotions too.