Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Eve - Cam praying that Santa arrives safely
Prayers Answered - Christmas Morning!
Shopkins! And Santa Butt Bear in the background
Cora Bear gets through unwrapping her first present in a record time of 30 minutes
We had to provide help to ensure Cora's presents were all opened in 2014
So Cool!

When Presents Were Finished...Off To the Beach!

An awesome sand digger Auntie Jen got for Cam
It was warm but quite windy off the Pacific
Two beautiful ladies!
Bird Chasing

The Summersault Slideshow

Cora was over it and ready for her nap
Overall a marvelous and unique Christmas experience!

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3 years ago

These look so beautiful!

3 years ago

Great pics! Cora is so adorable.

3 years ago

Aww Merry Christmas everyone

2 years ago

aww so cute your family look so happy and merry christmas