Private Cloud Computing Environments

A shared computing environment means the umbrella of use stretches over a variety of different businesses and users. This would provide no data or message security for a business with highly sensitive data, innovative product development, or work in law enforcement, for instance. Private cloud environment users are protected behind a firewall. Christopher Abatangelo works with clients in a very detailed environment, constructing systems which conform to the client’s needs after careful collaboration.

However, with a private, or internal, cloud environment, the client must provide information technology services from inside his organization, to manage the infrastructure. Internal cloud infrastructure requires staffing, maintenance, management and provision for all the services of a data center. Privacy of messaging and data storage comes with the additional cost of maintaining and servicing the computing system internally. To reduce overhead of an internal network, it may be possible to construct a “hybrid” system, where elements of public cloud systems can be utilized, while still maintaining the security of the internal system. Chris Abatangelo works closely with clients to ascertain the exact needs, and the exact costs of providing those needs. Should “cloud-bursting”, or hybridization, be the best choice to save overhead costs, Christopher is the man to provide the expertise to accomplish the mix of public and private clouds.

The cloud architect refers to an information technology professional who constructs and oversees the cloud usage of the company, while cloud computing refers to the method of providing hosting and message travels over the Internet. The cloud engineer is an IT employee who designs and provides the technologies connected to computing services which utilize cloud technology. Christopher Abatangelo acts as architect, engineer and originator of these private systems which fulfill the cloud computing needs of his clients.

Christopher Abatangelo- Living Alone

The Gault Site, an archaeological dig which has yielded evidence of what is called the Clovis culture, is near Austin. Austin’s Travis County has been the site of human habitation since at least 11,000 BC, “… with abundant archaeological evidence for human occupations spanning the entire local prehistoric record.”

The Gault site today is rich in rain and spring fresh water, with deep soil supporting trees and vegetation. At the head of a valley, the soils and water here would, and did, support a prehistoric people. Gault today is a special place and evidently has been for a very long time. Christopher Abatangelo had the benefits of being close enough to visit this famed archaeological site.

At the time of the first Spanish explorations of the area, the Comanche and Lipan Apache considered the area their hunting grounds and the Tonkawa tribe lived in villages in the area. European habitation of the area was slow to take hold, due to the vigorous and ongoing resistance of the Comanche to the incursions of the white man. Eventually the Comanches were pushed west, paving the way for the settlement of Austin, and the free movement of traffic along the Colorado River, which was a busy trade route for boats and barges carrying goods and passengers. The advent of the railroads multiplied trade in cattle and the cotton from the rich black soil of the plains. Much later the discovery of oil in central Texas would rock the economic fortunes of Austin to and fro, as it entered the 20th century, and grew to support Christopher Abatangelo and his neighbors.

Gault and the Clovis Culture

Christopher Abatangelo is a busy and successful technical engineer that consults throughout the country and thus travels biplane for days on end. As one could probably expect, he is not tied to a location, and he is not tied to many people. He enjoys his life of being single and getting to do what he wants when he wants. Without any parents, without any roommates, without children or a girlfriend to share the space, he knows that when he comes home he will be in an empty apartment.

Despite what some people may think about living alone and the fact that humans are very social, there are many ways to enjoy this life of independence and space. Christopher Abatangelo unique contrast from his upbringing that featured a family of four children as he was growing up. Living alone is not for everyone, truly have to find out if that something that you want for yourself and whether it’s something you can do. Another thing that a person can do is make sure that they take their place and interesting place to live in. By making it interesting and adding yourself to it, somehow becomes an easier thing to do.

You should also be sure that your living arrangements are welcoming to visitors. Despite the fact that you live alone people will come to see you from time to time, and it should be a friendly place. Finally, best piece of advice is to get out of the house once in a while important to go out and enjoy something outside of the home and if that means setting up a workstation at the local coffee shop for the day, then that is a good start.

Christopher Abatangelo and gasoline

It seems that throughout the life of Christopher Abatangelo, he has always been close to cars and gasoline. He is a bit of a ranch head who owns a 1969 Dodge Charger that was given to him by his father on his sixteenth birthday. He still has that car, and he treated like a baby. He is regularly seeing taking this car out and waxing it as well as keeping it up through maintenance. The car is in pristine shape, and it has many people trying to buy it off of him when they see how nice it is. What many people assume, but they may not readily know is that this beast of a car has a massive V-8 engine that is always thirsty for more gasoline. People are just not that used to a four barrel carburetor and the amount of fuel that it consumes. Even in high school, he worked at a gas station and people there just assumed that he already works there because he was always filling up his tank. He is also working on another project where he is restoring a classic Volkswagen bus for a friend. He is building this bus for the benefit of a family that plans to take it out camping and on a variety of projects across the country. It has the pop-up camper and a number of other interesting features just about every Saturday is out there working on upgrading and updating this classic machine. He plans on building more cars in the future as well.

An Apartment Tour with Bachelor Christopher Abatangelo

Christopher Abatangelo is an Information Technology professional who lives in Florida. After a long day at work, he finds sanctuary at home in his apartment in Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood.
Christopher lives by himself. He enjoys the peace and quiet of his simple home life. His two-bedroom apartment is modestly decorated in true bachelor style, with neutrals and blues popping up in every room. His wide L-shaped couch looks as though it has hosted many friends from out of town through the years. Just above the TV, a framed University of Tennessee football jersey hangs as a reminder of Christopher’s college achievements.

White curtains billow in the breeze when you enter Christopher’s tranquil bedroom. The sound of cicadas buzzing just outside the open windows triggers the memory of a calm summer morning with no agenda. The soft, gray jersey knit sheets look inviting with big fluffy pillows strewn about on the unmade bed.

In his kitchen, a shiny new Delonghi espresso machine sits on the counter. Christopher loves the flavor of a fresh cup of coffee. His freezer is packed with different varieties from all over the globe, including Haiti, Costa Rica and Honduras. Each is hand labeled by the date it was opened to ensure a delicious, fresh cup every time.

To Christopher Abatangelo, living alone as a single guy is a privilege. He enjoys his downtime and finds that his quiet home is the perfect place to recharge before another invigorating day at work in the IT field.

Christopher Abatangelo and Beach Fitness

Christopher Abatangelo is a Miami, Florida resident who enjoys being active outside. A frequent attendee of Cross Fit, he is conscious about his health and level of fitness.

Before moving to Miami, Abatangelo lived in Tennessee, where he enjoyed the benefits of hiking the Smoky Mountains. Mountain climbing can make for an intense leg workout but it also tests balance and agility as the rocky trails narrow closer to the peak. Big boulders require climbers to use both their hands and feet. Abatangelo found the rugged terrain and beautiful views the perfect combination for an invigorating but rewarding outdoor activity.

Since his relocation, Abatangelo has been in search for a refreshing take on his outdoor workouts. He has started jogging on the beach.

Walking and jogging on sand offers some unique fitness benefits. According to the Houston Chronicle, sand improves your leg strength, due to the resistance it creates as your foot sinks in with every step. Your body must put forth extra effort, when compared to walking on concrete, to keep you moving forward against the shifting grains of sand. With each uneven step, running on the beach tests your balance.

It can also have some psychiatric benefits. Spending time in nature can be peaceful. Listening to the steady sound of waves crashing can help you set a steady pace for your run. The feeling of the earth touching your bare feet is a calming sensation. The sand below your arches will massage achy tendons with each step.

With these wonderful benefits, jogging on the beach isn’t something Christopher Abatangelo will be giving up any time soon.

Three Great Places to Camp in the US

The United States is a vast country full of many different types of terrain. The best part about it: You only need a few hundred dollars, a car and some camping equipment to enjoy the environment of some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Christopher Abatangelo, a Miami, Florida resident, loves camping with his friends from college. Together, they’ve been to a few different states exploring both hot and cold climates. They’re planning a trip to the first place on our list.

White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire

Hiking is one of the main attractions of this area of the Appalachian Mountains. The trails offer an inviting challenge to those who are up for it. Even better than the exercise are the beautiful views of the gorgeous blue lakes in the area. The fall is the best time to visit as that is when the leaves of the trees burst into vibrant reds, yellows and oranges.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina

Coastal North Carolina boasts 300 miles of shoreline, according to Driving down the barrier islands is a treat in itself as much of the area is protected by government preservation. Countless tiny residential towns dot the roadway. One almost feels like they have left the U.S. as spotting a national chain restaurant or grocery store is a rarity. There are plenty of tent and RV campgrounds, each offering a different array of watersport equipment rentals, nearby eateries and family-owned general stores. With the ocean to the east and the bay to the west, each day begins and ends with waves sparkling in the rays of the sun.

Everglades National Park in Florida

For a combination of land and sea activities, consider camping in the Everglades. Hike or bike through miles of trails filled with different types of vegetation. According to the park’s official website, alligators, turtles, panthers and snakes can be spotted lingering in the shadows of the hundreds of species of plants. To explore further, consider renting a kayak or canoe from the park and be on the lookout for bottlenose dolphins and manatees.

Don’t stop there! The United States has many more exciting places to camp so get out there and start your adventure!

Christopher Abatangelo and Working out

Christopher Abatangelo is a big fan of going to the gym and working out. He is a recreational athlete, but he truly enjoys achieving better things including hitting certain weightlifting marks and achievements. He is also an accomplished runner that engages in local 5K races and other interesting form factor events. Lately, he has been into the fitness craze of Cross Fit. This exciting sport blends the aspects of weightlifting with physical and practical activity. It develops strength, it develops flexibility, it develops agility and it develops speed. While he is not a competitive athlete in any sport, he knows that this training style can help athletes achieve great things. He uses it to keep in shape during his off times when he is not busy working as an information technology consultant. He is otherwise off and traveling to customer destinations around the country and around the world in pursuit and delivery of technical projects for these customers. On average, he works out about four days a week, and he is sure to maintain a healthy diet to reinforce the games that he makes in the gym. With high protein and low carbohydrates, he is able to integrate this into his routine. It is a little harder for him to get in a workout on the road, but if he is in a hotel that has a facilities like this he will use them. He also enjoys hiking, cycling and swimming around the year and living in Miami, he does have an opportunity to enjoy these things from time to time.

Christopher Abatangelo and Healthy Lunch Break Habits

During a long day at work, your lunch break can be a wonderful moment to rest your mind. For most people who work in offices, like IT professional Christopher Abatangelo, working in a stale, quiet room without much air circulation can leave you feeling exhausted in the middle of the day. Abatangelo has found a way to put his hour break to good use.

After ditching his blazer at his desk, he heads outside to the parking lot. On most days, he goes for a mile stroll near his office building. He often makes his way over to the park to breathe in some fresh air. He finds peace in nature and believes that it is a great place to refresh his mind.

On rainy days, Abatangelo can be found enjoying the company of a National Geographic magazine, letting his mind wander as he thumbs through the pages looking for his next camping destination.

Abatangelo is also conscious of what he puts into his body. Lean protein and high fiber foods, such as grilled chicken on top of a bed of mixed greens, leave him feeling satisfied and healthy when he returns to work. Turkey sandwiches packed with veggies on whole grain rolls are also a frequent choice. The whole grains and fiber nourish his body and keep him feeling full for hours.

Going for a midday walk, engaging in your hobbies and eating well are all components of a healthy lifestyle. Even for just an hour a day during your lunch break, you can make small changes to your routine to help you improve your physical and mental health, like Christopher Abatangelo.