Christopher Adalikwu

Professor of Management and College of Business Dean

Christopher Adalikwu

An experienced educator, administrator, author, and researcher, Christopher Adalikwu fulfills several responsibilities, including coordinator of foreign faculty and consultant for AACSB accreditation committee in the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies' College of Business; he also instructs students in subject areas such as behavioral management, labor relations, and corporate strategic leadership. In other experience, Dr. Adalikwu holds the titles of professor of management and associate dean of the College of Business at Catholic University, where he has worked since 2009. Well regarded for his abilities as an educator, Christopher Adalikwu has won Best Faculty and Teacher of the Year awards. He has earned a place in Who's Who in American Higher Education, as well.

Christopher Adalikwu's interests as an author span fiction and nonfiction, as well as the academic sphere. He has written books on business negotiation, physical health for people of all ages, how to build self confidence, happiness and motivation, and overcoming failure. He has published extensively in academic publications such as the Journal of Management Research, the Journal of Global Business Research, the Journal of Business Strategies, and the Journal of Business and Economic Studies.

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