Christopher Fey Mckinney Texas

Chairman and CEO of mHealthVentures

About Christopher Fey

A multifaceted entrepreneur, Christopher Fey recently founded mHealthVentures in McKinney, Texas. The company assists businesses with developing mobile and digital products for the health care marketplace. National Public Radio, CNBC, the Wall Street Transcript, Fox News, and various other media outlets have interviewed Christopher Fey concerning his McKinney, Texas-based companies and about health care trends in general.

As the chairman and chief executive officer of mHealthVentures, Mr. Fey is responsible for honing corporate strategy and overseeing the firm’s financing and marketing activities. He also directs a team that advises clients on all aspects of product development and branding, software and mobile applications, including strategies for capital formation.

A graduate of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Mr. Fey spent the earlier part of his career as a communications and marketing consultant to pharmaceutical companies and other health care companies. Subsequently, he entered the health maintenance organization market with the formation of HealthCare USA; he later sold the company in a lucrative deal with Coventry Health Care, where he served as a senior corporate officer for two years following the sale. In 2004, he established U.S. Preventive Medicine, Inc., an innovative health care network that assesses clients’ health risks and creates customized plans for preemptive care.                            

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