Certified Hotel Administrator

The Certified Hotel Administrator is the most respected certification available and affirms to a prestigious standard. This fact is especially true for Hotel General Managers, accommodation officials, and hospitality executives. It distinguishes the beneficiary as being a piece of a tip top gathering of accommodation experts who by joining training and involvement with devotion to the business have accomplished an abnormal state of skill.

Recognized globally by all hotels, motels and Inns, the CHA is an exceptionally respected professional credential that approves your propelled learning in the hospitality business. It is an honor awarded to lodging professionals whose authority and administrative capacities are top notch.

Accomplishing the CHA certification declares that you have a spot among the best in your profession, are in lockstep with all of current trends and most recent accommodation and hospitality expectations, and also serves as influence in present and future career moves.

Running a hotel business is about much more than an agreeable and pleasant night's rest for your visitors. Although that fact is extremely important, there are other critical factors to running a hotel business successfully. It's about the effects of enactment and regulations from Washington, and the need to stay aware and ahead of the opposition. The affiliation is what happens in the background - what will make your foundation run smoother, be more practical, and develop your benefits. As an individual from AH&LA, you will be a critical piece of an industry. Get access to the key players and assets that drive the hotel business, and gain an advantage from a vast, developing group of hoteliers, proprietors, chains, and independents.

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Hotel Equipment and Amenities

Hotels have to have the right equipment and supplies to be successful and competitive. As a manager, one of your many duties is to ensure that your staff has a chance to succeed in delighting customers by stocking them with the right supplies constantly. In today's digital world, all hotels should have a hotel management software, transportation systems to and from the airport if necessary, and scheduling software powerful enough to work with your large hotel staff.

The little things matter, too. Does your conference room have the right lighting, projectors, conferencing equipment, and audio/visual components? Does your PA system reach all of the rooms of the hotel? Customers notice these details and make their decisions to stay with you again based on their previous experiences as well as reviews they read online.

As a hotel manager, it is your job to make sure that all of the daily comforts all guests expect in their rooms are there. Guests want the bed made, the room cleaned, toiletries stocked and trash taken out. It's your staff's job to provide these things, but it's your job to keep the storerooms stocked with extra supplies at all times. Ensuring your hotel is stocked is one of the most important duties of a good hotel manager.

Christopher Manning Hotels owns several hotels through his management company, Pylon Hospitality Management, in Cape Cod. Manning embodies everything a good hotel manager and an owner should beā€”supportive of staff, welcoming of guests, and always ready for any situation. He started Pylon in 1993, and the company has grown rapidly over the years.