Christopher Prashad: How to Be a Better Employee

Christopher Prashad

Christopher Prashad has been working in the world of property management for many years. He is a diligent worker with passion and unrivaled ambition. He built a career by being dedicated and insightful. His work ethic and abilities have led him to stand out in the workplace above his co-workers. To build a career, one has to distinguish themselves from others. Thankfully, being a better employee is simply a matter of doing due diligence and being open and willing to learn.

One thing all employees should learn to perform better is to avoid pitfalls and traps. While you may be more ambitious, that doesn’t mean you are more knowledgeable. So don’t get in over your head, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice or direction when you are uncertain about something. An employer would much rather you ask questions to get the job done properly initially, than come back and clean up the mistake afterwards.

It is also important for you to be loyal to your company. An exceptional employee is passionate about his or her work, as well as the company he or she represents. Whether you are on the job or at home, you should always get behind your employer, promoting the company and molding a positive image.

Christopher Prashad became a better employee by staying dedicated and loyal to any company that he worked for. He has accumulated a strong skill set and reputation because he never does anything without using his full attention and efforts.

Christopher Prashad - Finding A Job In Real Estate

The Keys to Efficient Property Management

Christopher Prashad

When managing property for a company, the boss who signs your checks expects you to handle all issues with tenants and other basic operations smoothly and efficiently. This means that you must use your time well and conduct your business in a smooth and professional manner. You should be able to defend all of the decisions you made and which tasks you chose to delegate versus which you chose to handle yourself, etc. While not all bosses will force you to do this, you should be able to do so anyway.

The best property managers are able to balance their boss’s expectations with their tenants’ every day of the week. The company doesn’t want to be known for leaving tenants, their paying customers, in the lurch when things go wrong, but they also have a bottom line to think about, sometimes with investors to keep happy. When you’re handling property issues with tenants, try to build a level of trust between yourself and all who live there. Remember that your job depends upon whether these tenants are willing to deal with you or go over your head. When you put your name down as the primary contact for any issues with the property, make sure you are attentive and answer your tenants’ phone calls when they need you.

Christopher Prashad is known as an excellent property manager, working for Dynamic Living, LLC, in Jamaica, New York. Prashad has many skills that he uses to help tenants solve their problems and create solutions. Prashad knows how difficult it can be to solve property issues at times, and he is always there to help his tenants solve theirs.

The Key to Becoming a Successful IT Manager - Education

If you want to be an IT manager, you can usually find a company willing to take a chance on you fresh out of college as long as you are willing to work for less than an experienced IT manager would. Usually smaller companies that can’t afford top experience will bring on a new IT manager to help them. Building experience is the best way to improve your standing in the Information Technology world and get better prospects for jobs in the future. If you want to truly lap the competition in your field, the best way is to earn your education and try to build certifications and experience onto that.

After you receive your Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field, usually an entry ticket into the profession, you should consider going back to school for your Master’s Degree. Although pursuing higher education is expensive, getting an advanced degree is worth the investment in the Information Technology sphere. Earning a Master’s in Computer Science or Information Technology shows future employers that you are extremely skilled in using networking hardware and software. You’ll still need experience to truly get ahead in IT, but putting in hours of study and practice in school is also invaluable.

Christopher Prashad is an extremely talented IT professional living in New York City. He has also invested in property and works as a property manager for Dynamic Living, LLC in New York. Prashad uses his IT skills to help manage all of his tenants needs and issues. He constantly works to improve the living conditions of all of his tenants any way he can.

Christopher Prashad

How to Create Opportunities for Yourself as an IT Professional

IT professionals are becoming even more popular in today’s business world as more companies turn their operations over to big data and advanced networking. IT professionals manage databases and network hardware and software for companies, and their skills are becoming more valuable as the business world utilizes more advanced technologies and ways of making money. If a business thinks that it can become more efficient in delivering products to customers, communicating with partners and clients, and creating solutions, it will hire an experienced IT professional to help them grow and serve their clients better. The IT departments at many firms of all kinds are filling up with qualified workers, and the most advantageous spots are being taken. With all of this competition, how do you get ahead?

The answer is to create as many opportunities for yourself as you can as you work your way up the corporate ladder. This means extending your education, furthering your training, and finding ways to increase your experience any way you can. Many IT professionals find themselves in the same predicament early in their careers: how to get experience without a job and a job without experience? It’s nearly impossible to find a lucrative position without at least three years of experience working in an IT department. The way to gain experience early in your career is to work for low wages at smaller organizations who can use a hand.

Christopher Prashad worked hard to climb the ladder as an IT professional and a property manager in Jamaica, New York.

Christopher Prashad

Ways to Be a Better Property Manager - Honesty and Integrity

When working in the real estate industry, one that is driven by sales, sometimes people can be tempted to be dishonest, or at least omit some of the truth. This is never a good idea, as the truth always finds a way to get out, which will certainly impact your business and reputation substantially if it is inconsistent with your own story. This is the case for property management as well, which requires a kind of honor code and system, as you handle a substantial amount of other people’s money in the form of rent checks.

When collecting things like laundry money, security deposits, or rent, be sure to do so ethically, counting everything and making sure there are no inconsistencies. You may also want to do your counting in a remote and secure location, as even if the money is stolen from you, it can still reflect on your performance as a property manager as well as raise suspicions. The reason that it is so important to be ethical in all aspects of this job is that it takes years to build up trust, and only a few simple seconds to completely destroy it.

Honesty and integrity is important for a property manager because many people depend on that manager for their day-to-day lives to stay steady. Because a property manager has a powerful impact on the quality of life their tenants live, they need to consider this when doing things like maintenance or service calls. Always try to operate in a timely and cost-effective manner, both for your tenants and the business itself.

Christopher Prashad is a property manager who emphasizes the importance of operating ethically.

Christopher Prashad

Requirements for a Good Property Manager  People Skills

Any experienced property owner or real estate entrepreneur will tell you that you can scarcely put a price on a good property manager. A good property manager will often determine the atmosphere and state of your property, as well as establish the relationship between your business and the tenants. In the fickle and competitive world of real estate, this could mean the difference between huge profits and tanking in the red. That is why if you want your property to generate a healthy profit and growth rate, you want to find a property manager with excellent people skills. This is important because most of their job will involve interacting with others, whether it be other management within your business, or the tenants that constantly need assistance. The reason that interpersonal skills are valued so much in this field is because courtesy and a positive social manner often leaves a lasting impression on a tenant and can make the positive reputation of your property grow, attracting even more tenants and ultimately, higher profits.

Having people skills is something that is usually a combination of an intrinsic inclination, and lots of experience and practice. While no one is expecting a property manager to always act with the utmost courtesy and be likable to every tenant they come across, there should be a general positive vibe that they give off. By being generally positive and good at mediating and interacting socially, a good property manager can often defuse a situation before it escalates, saving the company’s reputation as well as the property’s value.

Christopher Prashad is a professional property manager that emphasizes having good social skills for success.

Christopher Prashad

Excelling at Property Management - Have a Sense of Duty

In the world of real estate, having a successful property and a well-established reputation often comes down to how good your property manager is. That is because the property manager is on the front lines, dealing with legal issues and tenant problems as they happen, something that just isn’t a possibility for an owner or investor that is looking for other promising properties. That is why as a real estate owner you should always look for an experienced property manager with a track record of success in the field. A key trait to look for in a good property manager is one with a sense of duty and commitment. Being committed shows that they will be willing to dig deeper and longer to find a solution to a problem on the property, whether legal or otherwise. This will often save the owner and investor tons of money, as the property manager can stop the bleeding at the source as it occurs. A committed and dutiful property manager takes his job seriously, knowing that their actions affect the quality of life that people in your property have.

If your property manager has a good sense of duty, they will carry out their tasks in a timely and thorough manner that will minimize issues and raise the general reputation of your property while improving the relationship between owner and tenants. A dutiful property manager will thoroughly check that all property is up to living standard, that the buildings are clean, and that maintenance is taking care of issues quickly and efficiently.

Christopher Prashad is a professional property manager who says the most dedicated make the best managers.

Christopher Prashad

Tips to be a Better Property Manager - Stay Flexible

In the world of real estate, often those who do the best are the ones who are capable of making quick changes and adapting as those changes come. This is because in a highly competitive field like real estate, there are many outside influences on the marketplace that would not seem obvious or even likely to the untrained eye. Even the most experienced real estate professionals can sometimes be wowed by an anomaly occurring in the marketplace. That is why it is important for any investor or real estate owner to locate a good property manager capable of similar flexibility. This is important because your property manager is the first line of defense, the person who will see the change first, and help you to adjust accordingly. That is why it is important to employ an intelligent and business savvy property manager who is capable of quick adaptation and can think outside of the box.

Property management is one of those professions that is closely influenced by industry, societal shifts, government policy, and the economy as a whole. Because of this constant state of change and all of the other mitigating factors that determine the climate of the real estate industry, it is important to be willing to flex on certain issues. You have to be willing to make the changes necessary to stay current and modern with your policies and methodologies. This open-mindedness and flexibility extends to your tenants as well. Remember that it is a new world, one with many different ideologies. Even if you do not agree with the way certain people live, you should be open and respectful of their lifestyles.

Christopher Prashad is a professional property manager who says flexibility is key for his position.

Christopher Prashad

Three Things to Consider When Hiring a Property Manager

If you purchase a few properties with the purpose of renting them out, then you may want to consider hiring a property manager. Managing a number of properties can be time-consuming and if you have another job, you may not have the necessary, free time to maintain all of your properties. In this instance, you should consider hiring a property manager. Here are three things to consider when hiring a property manager.

  • Make sure that you hire a property manager who is invested in protecting your properties. This means that they will perform property inspections on a regular basis. The outside of your properties should be checked every three months and the inside of your properties should be inspected once a year.
  • Hire a property manager who has a low rate of evictions. A high eviction rate is an indicator that the property manager does not properly screen rental applications. Rental applications are very basic, and they include a standard credit check and provide references from previous landlords. A good property manager will adequately screen every rental application.
  • Once you've hired your property manager, handwrite an agreement that includes a termination clause and that is signed by both of you. You may later find that you are unhappy with your property manager, and you need to come to a pre-agreement about how the relationship can end if either party is unhappy. The standard agreement is 30 days notice.

Christopher Prashad is an experienced property manager who works hard to keep his buildings in good shape and the tenants happy.

Christopher Prashad

Three Tips That Will Prepare You For High School Soccer Tryouts

If you plan on trying out for your high school soccer team for the first time, you will need to do some preparation work during the summer. The soccer season usually starts a few weeks before the first week of school and tryout will be held around the first week of August. This means that you need to use the next two months of summer well. Here are few tips that will help you be ready for the tryouts.

  • Do some sprint training once or twice a week. While playing soccer, you are often changing directions quickly and transitioning between sprinting and jogging. Sprinting is, therefore, an important skill to possess. Start out with eight reps of sprints from one end of the goalkeeper’s box to the other. Then increase it to 12 reps and add in some dribbling once your stamina has improved.
  • Some high school coaches will offer one-week clinics during the summer. If your school offers any workshops or clinics, take advantage of them. It is a great way to show the coach that you are committed, and it will teach you what the coach is looking for in a player.
  • Lastly, make sure that you maintain a positive attitude throughout the process. A positive attitude goes a long way with a coach because it shows them you are committed and willing to learn. You want the coach to want to work with you. A positive attitude also will rub off well with your new teammates.

Christopher Prashad has played soccer his whole life and played competitively all the way through high school.

Christopher Prashad

Three Things You Should Not do at a Car Show

Car shows are supposed to be fun meetups where members of the community who are car hobbyists come together to show off their cars and talk about them. Unfortunately, there are always a few bad apples that turn up to car shows and act in a rude and inconsiderate manner. Here are three things that you should never do at a car show.

  • Attendees of car shows should never touch or lean on any of the cars unless permitted to do so by the owner. It’s considered to be rude to lean or touch cars at car shows and the only time such behavior is accepted is if the owner of the car says so. More often than not, owners invite people to sit in their car but only do so if invited.
  • It’s okay to bring a camera to a car show and to take photographs of cars. What’s not okay is when photographers make owners uncomfortable, when they bump into other attendees, and when they get in the way of people trying to view the car. Photographers need to remember that they are sharing the car show with everyone else and that they should speak to the owner of a car before taking pictures.
  • Do not engage in an endless conversation of one-upmanship. This is rude and unnecessary. It's fine to have a conversation about an admirable car at the show, but it is unnecessary to compare it to other cars, especially ones that are not at the show. Be polite, compliment the car and relate to the owner in a different way.

Christopher Prashad has been interested in cars since he was a kid. He regularly attends car shows in his neighborhood and has entered his car in a number of them in the past.

Christopher Prashad

Three Tips For Doing Well at a Car Show

Entering a car in a car show is an exciting experience where people can show off their cars, meet other car enthusiasts, and get a chance to see other interesting and fun cars. Before entering in a car show, participants need to prepare their cars so that they are car show ready. Here are three tips that will help future car show participants prepare their car for a car show.

  • It is important that car show participants keep their cars clean before and during the show. The cleaner the car, the better shape it will look to be in, and the judges will score higher. It is also nice to be able to present a clean product that people will admire. The cleaner the car, the better, especially for car shows.
  • Modifications to cars should only be made for a purpose. Car show judges are not impressed by modifications that are useless and flashy. Modifications should only be made if they serve a purpose. The purpose does not necessarily need to improve the performance of a car, but it should not be a modification that only is for show.
  • Car show participants should arrive at the car show in style. They should roll their car into the lot so that they draw attention to their car. Judges will notice this and attendees of car shows will pay more attention to these kinds of cars. Most importantly though, rolling into a car show in style is fun and car shows are all about having fun.

Christopher Prashad has entered his car into car shows in the past and won a few times. He has been interested in cars ever since he was a kid and enjoys going to car shows in his neighborhood.

Christopher Prashad

Christopher Prashad - Preparing Your Car For A Car Show

Christopher Prashad has always been interested in cars. He enjoys reading about new engines and features, and one of his favorite hobbies is to attend and participate in car shows. If you want to enter your car into a car show, follow these tips to get it ready for the event.

Clean It

You want your vehicle to look its best when you take it to a car show. That means it should be sparkling clean. Pay close attention to the details and if you aren’t confident in your ability to clean it yourself, take it to a professional detailer and have it cleaned by someone else.

Give It A Tune Up

The judges and visitors won’t just be looking at how pretty or attractive your vehicle is; they will want to know that it runs and performs well also. Make sure your car is in good running condition and that the engine is clean and it good shape as well.

Add Some Flare

There are a lot of vehicles at most car shows, and there’s a good chance someone will have a car similar to yours. You need to add something to make your car stand out. Give it some flare or something special. Get creative and make sure whatever you add makes the car look better and isn’t just an unnecessary accessory.

Christopher Prashad is passionate about cars and has been since he was a young boy. He enjoys attending car shows to see all the different cars and the modifications added to them. If you have a unique or mint condition car, consider entering it in a car show.

Christopher Prashad

Christopher Prashad - Tips For Visiting Guyan

Christopher Prashad enjoys traveling and one of his favorite places to visit is Guyana. His ancestors come from Guyana, and he enjoys learning more about his family’s history and the culture there. Guyana is a unique and interesting place. If you are planning a trip, remember these tips.

Research The Area

If you don’t know much about Guyana, you should research the area before you travel. Make sure you know which areas are safe to visit, what attractions you are interested in, where you plan to stay and other information that is important to your trip.

Get A Guide

If you aren’t sure if you can navigate the area on your own and may need help, look for a guide who can help you. Make sure your guide comes from a legitimate agency and is experienced and knowledgeable of the area. You should ask for references from any guides you are considering or look for an agency with good reviews.

Be Organized

Any time you are visiting another country, especially one that you are not familiar with, you need to make sure you are very well organized and that your passport and other documents are all in order and easily accessible in case you would need them in the event of an emergency.

Christopher Prashad tries to visit Guyana once a year. He wants to learn more about his heritage. If you have never visited Guyana, consider visiting in the future and remember the above tips. Make it a point to be safe and enjoy your travels.

Christopher Prashad

Christopher Prashad has always enjoyed connecting people and real estate, and he loves working as a property manager. If you are looking for a way to combine your passion for people and building homes or properties, consider finding a job in the real estate field.

Check Online

Many real estate companies will advertise job openings online. They may post on job websites, classified websites or they may accept applications through their own website. Some real estate companies may even have social network pages where they post their job openings or advertise available positions.

Apply In Person

If you have the education or experience to be a good real estate agent or property manager and would like to work for a specific company, it never hurts to make a visit to the office and apply in person. Many employers have applications available or will be willing to accept a resume. You may even get an interview on the spot.

Talk With Other Agents

If you know a real estate agent and are familiar with their job or company, ask them if there are any positions available at their company and how you can apply or be considered for a position. Another agent may be able to put in a good word for you at the company.

Christopher Prashad has been working in the real estate industry for many years and is passionate about his career. He hopes to continue to help people with all their property needs and to grow in his position.

Christopher Prashad

Christopher Prashad - Choosing The Right Real Estate Company

Christopher Prashad enjoys working in the real estate field as a property manager and loves what he does. He has the pleasure of working for a company that allows him to grow and work with many different people. If you are looking to sell or buy a home, business or property, make sure you choose a real estate company wisely.

Past Success

You want to work with a real estate agency that is good at what it does, and that has been successful with past clients and transactions. Don't be afraid to research a real estate agency before you decide to work with them.

Best Services

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, there are certain services you will want or need. Make sure the real estate company you choose to work with offers the services you need. You can also shop around and see who offers the best or most services or the most services for the best value.

Friendly Staff

When you are buying or selling property, you will spend a lot of time communicating with your real estate agents. You want to make sure they are easy to talk to, understand your needs and will work with you to reach the same goals.

Christopher Prashad is a property manager with Dynamic Living LLC in Jamaica, New York. He loves working for this company because they work so hard to make their clients happy. If you are ready to work with a real estate company, make sure you choose the right company.

Christopher Prashad

Christopher Prashad - Salesmanship Trust Building

One of the things that has made Christopher Prashad so successful in his career is his ability to generate sales. This is a skill that he has developed through disciplined practice, hard work, research, and experience. Being a good salesman can be difficult, but with the proper training and experience a salesman’s abilities can become strong enough that an entire company can be built around it.

One of the first things that a salesman needs is to understand is that trust is key. The main goal of a salesman is not to make a sale, but to earn the trust of the potential client. Businesses and brands are built entirely upon trust. That is why it is so important for a salesman to learn how to earn a client’s trust. That means you have to learn how to balance your desire to make a sale with your sincerity, honesty, and integrity.

If a potential client does not trust you, they will not make a buying decision, even if it is in their best interest. That is why it is important to empathize with your prospect. Think about the sales situation from their angle. Would you want to be pressured into making a decision? Of course not. So often the best policy is acting like an educator. Your job as the salesman is simply to teach each client about what your company offers.

Christopher Prashad has built exceptional salesmanship skills because of his hard work, honesty, and integrity. Many other salesmen hope to have the same level of success as Mr. Prashad.

Christopher Prashad - How to be a Better Supervisor

Being a good leader and supervisor is something that Christopher Prashad had to work at. He has found over time however that there are a few fundamental traits that separate a bad supervisor from a good one. Being a good leader is a skill, one that takes time and experience to develop. Knowing a few key traits of a good supervisor however, can help put you on the fast track to success.

One of the most important traits a supervisor has is magnanimity. A good leader treats others the way that he or she would like to be treated. A successful supervisor adheres to that golden rule. If you are respectful, fair, and kind to everyone, they are more likely to accept your requests and respect your input and insights.

Another trait that a good supervisor possesses is an ability to set an example. The best leaders do so by example. If you want your employees to dress or behave a certain way, you must do so yourself. Being a leader comes with the responsibility of demonstrating values and goals. As a leader, you should be the model prototype of what you ask of others. Set the bar high and set a good example that others won’t just respect, but admire.

Christopher Prashad has learned that it takes diligence and hard work to become a good leader. Supervising others is never an easy task, but by carrying yourself with integrity, being empathetic to everyone, and setting a good example, you can be a successful leader.

Christopher Prashad

Christopher Prashad has developed many skills over the course of his career in business. He even learned the fundamentals of bookkeeping, a valuable skill in business administration that helps to record, organize, and interpret necessary data, including finances. Becoming a bookkeeper however, is no simple task.

Becoming a certified bookkeeper takes several steps. The first step to becoming a certified bookkeeper is to earn your high school diploma, as it is a requirement for the certification. While in high school, an aspiring bookkeeper should but a strong emphasis on courses like computers, accounting, English, and mathematics.

Once you have completed high school, it is recommended to either pursue an Associate’s Degree in bookkeeping, or to obtain the certificate. Certification can be obtained for experienced bookkeepers through local institutes. In America for example, it is the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.

While getting certified is simply a matter of taking the right coursework and completing it successfully, the journey does not end there. The next step is to acquire a job and continue your training on-the-job. Every employer has different needs from a bookkeeper, that is why it is important to stay versatile and be willing to adapt. Acquiring the proper experience and clientele base will help you build a reputation and a career as a successful bookkeeper.

Christopher Prashad has learned the basics of bookkeeping because he wants to eventually own several of his own businesses. To do so, it will be necessary for him to understand basic accounting, finance, and business administration skills that can all be learned through basic bookkeeping.

Christopher Prashad - How to Become a Bookkeeper