Appalachian Plateau

"Wondering where you can go on a nice vacation or looking to open a business? Well come on down to the beautiful Appalachian Plateau!'

Many things to do: Hiking, Viewing, Camping, Swimming, etc.


  The Appalachian Plateau is the smallest of the 5 regions in Georgia. It also has the smallest population of people. This is due to the rocky terrain. In the past people couldn't settle on the land because the land wasn't flat like in the Piedmont region where it is heavily populated.  Despite these major disadvantages the region has one of the worlds largest sources of natural coal in the world. In the early days, people started to dig for what was commonly then known as 'black diamonds'. The mines were extremely important back then. Jobs were wanted all over for people to work in the mines. The same is said for the present. Most families and/or businesses move to the region with reasons related to the mining industry.  If you were to open a business it would be wise to have it in relation to mining.

The Attractions Of The Appalachian Plateau  

The Cloudland Canyon State Park

 This canyon is located in the far northwestern part of Georgia. This is also on the north end of Lookout Mt. The elevation goes from 800-1,980 feet. The guests can stay in cottages, campsites, or walk-in tent sites. Two beautiful waterfalls flow into the pools below as a good tourist attraction.  There are tours, but you must make a reservation first. Call this number(tel:706-913-7170) to make a reservation.  

Lookout Mountain

 Lookout is a most unusual physical feature. It rests in between 3 states: Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. In fact if you visit there you can see 7 states! The highest point is located in Georgia at a height of 2,393 ft. This mountain is mosly known through the tourist industry and by the battles fought on it in the Civil War. If you are looking to start a business there then it would smart to build a tourist attraction to help keep the buisness afloat.

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