Our Fish Tank
By: La'Chelle Miller and Christy Torchon

 The angelfish can grow up to 6". The fish's diet is flake, frozen, and freeze-dried food. The water temperature that they have to live in is 76-86°. It's swimming level is in the middle. Its tank setup need to be in 29+ gallons and it needs to be in an are that is moderately planted.



The Long Fin Red Minor Tetra diet is flake, frozen, and freeze-dried food. It's can grow to up to 2". The water temperature that it lives in is 72-82°.  Its swimming level is middle. This fish prefers to travel in a school of 5. The tank setup for it is 10+ gallons.

     The Kenyi African Cichlid can be up to 6''. They need a water temperature of 72-82 degrees. They are middle swimers. Thier diet consits of flake, frozen, and spirulina food. They need a tank setup of 29 gallon or more plus rock and/or driftwood.

Kenyi African Cichlid


   Our fish tank's volume is 17280 in3. Its dimentions are 48" L x 18" D x 20" H. It can lso hold up to 75 gallons of water.


    For us we brought 23 bags of gravel for our tanks since it was so large. It is 2" thick and its volume is 1728 in3.


     For our tank decorations we just used the volvano bubbler and the craggy sea rock. The volcano bubbler costs about $25 and the craggy sea rock cost about $55

Budget Chart



A=Long Fin Red Minor Tetra


C= Kenyi African Cichlid

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