Jim Holland (@talljim) & Kenny Pinkerton (@knypink)
Arlington ISD Instructional Technology (@aisditd)

Why Chrome?

  • It works!
  • Always up to date
  • Huge number of extensions/apps
  • Syncs across devices (extensions, passwords, history, open tabs)

Not-so-Obvious Stuff to Know

Signing in and out of Chrome- signing out does not delete the data off the computer you are using!
Incognito Mode- this turns off all extensions and is a good troubleshooting tip
Dragging tabs- rearrange tabs by dragging them, drag a tab off the bar to open in new window

Recommended Extensions

Accessing the Web Store

Start- A Better New Tab- take control of your "New tab" page and customize it with beautiful backgrounds, RSS feeds, your most frequently visited pages, current live weather, and more! Another great one is Incredible Start Page.

Adblock- minimize the annoying advertisements on websites you visit

QR Code Tag Extension- This QR-code tag extension generates a QR-code tag for the URL in the current tab open in Chrome or any link, text selection or image on a web page. Only right click and choose "Generate QR-code for this...". This is extremely useful when you run across a website students need to access on mobile devices. If you are a Google Apps user, you may want to consider ShortenMe which instantly creates a goo.gl link and a QR code simultaneously for any given page.

Clearly (by Evernote)- Clearly eliminates all distractions from your online reading experience, and even allows you to browse multi-page articles in one, seamless view.

Evernote Web Clipper (if using Evernote)- the easiest way to save, mark up and share anything you see online. From clipping pages to taking and annotating screenshots, the Evernote Web Clipper lets you capture everything, then access it from anywhere.

If you want to learn more about Evernote, see Jim's tackk page: 24/7 Evernote: Remember Everything.

MagicActions for YouTube- add cool features to your YouTube viewing experience such as ad blocking, cinema mode, volume control with the mouse wheel, and more! Another similar one to consider is ImprovedTube.

Page Eraser- nice app to get rid of unwanted page elements by clicking on the eraser and "wiping" it away with a single click.

IE tab- for those times when a website just has to be viewed in Internet Explorer for some strange reason, use this extension to run IE within a Chrome tab in the Chrome browser.

Extensity- description from the web store: "the ultimate tool for lightning fast enabling and disabling all your extensions for Google Chrome. Just enable the extension when you want to use it, and disable when you want to get rid of it for a little while. You can also launch Chrome Apps right from the list."

OneTab- Whenever you find yourself with too many tabs, click the OneTab icon to convert all of your tabs into a list. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.

Cite This For Me- (description from website): Simply browse to the page you wish to cite and click the button to generate a correctly formatted citation. Then copy-and-paste the citation into your assignment, or add it to your online bibliography for safe keeping until later.

Save to Google Drive- Save web content or browser screenshots directly to Google Drive with the touch of one button.

Snag-it- the company that makes the premier screen capture tool brings you this extension.

Read & Write for Google- text to voice tool for the web with many awesome features (free version limited to highlighting and reading).

TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read)- creates a summary of any web article without leaving the original page.

Take Advantage of the Omnibox

Omnidrive extension- easy way to search your Google Drive from the omnibox. Simply type "drive" then space or tab to enter your search parameters.

“Quick Search in Chrome Web Store” extension- easy way to search the Chrome Web Store from the omnibox. Simply type in "ws" then space/tab to enter your search parameters.

Chromnitweet- Tweet directly from the omnibox with hashtags, mentions, etc. as normal! This extension is temporarily unavailable because of trademark disputes

Omnibox = Google Search
The omnibox is a Google search bar! Anything you can do in a normal Google search, you can do right inside the omnibox. Here are a few examples:

  • conversions: "convert 2 cups to ounces" or "convert 17 degrees C"
  • calculator: "Area of circle" or "cos(3x)+sin(x)" or "8.25% of 112.95"
  • movies & times: movies + zip code
  • time: "current time in Melbourne"
  • weather: "weather + (zip code)"  or "weather + (city name)"
  • flight status: AA1250 or "United 850"
  • package tracking: simply enter tracking number: 1Z5X156X0319739814 or 093290285938376 or LN605732692CN (Google will recognize the shipper automatically)
  • countdown timer: "set timer to 15 seconds" or "set timer to 3 minutes 30 seconds" (this does not work on mobile devices)

"Apps" to Consider

Keep in mind that most Chrome "apps" are simply web-based apps (which can usually be accessed by any browser) that will allow users to log in using their Google credentials!

Pixlr- a full-featured web-based photo editor (similar to Photoshop)

PicMonkey (app)- Free photo editor with Collage, Touch Up, Teeth Whiten, Fonts, Effects, Filters, Frames, Stickers & more

PicMonkey (extension)- Instantly edit web page images and screenshots with PicMonkey

Pixabay- Search over 100,000 public domain photos, cliparts, and vector graphics.

Photosforclass.com (not really an app, but felt we should mention this here)- Search now to download properly attributed, Creative Commons photos for school!

WeVideo- intuitive, web-based video editor with all the standard features. It's a freemium model, so check out the limitations (15 minutes/month of standard definition exports).

Tweetdeck- the only Twitter client you will ever need! Add columns to display tweets meeting the criteria of your choice!

ScanQR - App to scan QR codes with Chromebooks. It's not as easy as apps on mobile devices, but it works!

Biodigital Human- Explore the body in 3D. Free!

Other Apps to Consider...

Kaizena- voice comments in Google Docs
Workflowy- a beautiful tool for lists and notes. It's simple enough for a shopping list, and powerful enough to run a company.
Lucid Chart- The easiest way to draw flowcharts, mockups, UML, mind maps and more. Work together in real time with your team and clients.
Loupe- collage builder- shape your photos the way you want in seconds.
Pear Deck- Interactive presentations and formative assessments to engage every student in your room, every day!

Bonus Stuff

OK, these things really aren't directly related to using Chrome necessarily. But these are fun tidbits that will make your life easier- or maybe just more enjoyable.

MightyText(Android only)- SMS text client for your browser. Send and receive text messages on your computer!

Quietube (bookmarklet)- show YouTube in a safe, clean way to get rid of ads, comments, etc.

SlyDial- call someone's cell phone and be instantly connected to their voicemail, bypassing the chance for them to answer!

PhoneMyPhone- make your phone (or someone else's) ring anytime you want.

Doodle- awesome way to schedule meetings by entering possible times and those you invite click on their possible free times.

Woot- one product for sale per day until they run out; great deals, especially on electronics

TodaysMeet- easy backchannel to use without anyone logging in- think of it as a temporary group chat and way to share URLs

Kahoot- game-based feedback tool

Kenny’s Tackk for Assessment and Feedback (www.tackk.com/feedbacktools)

Appear.in- forget Skype and FaceTime. Connect up to 8 people in videochat just by going to the same URL, no accounts needed

Answer Garden- forms a word cloud based on audience submissions