BHS Department Chromebook Carts

There are four carts for Science, Math, English, and Social Studies. Each cart contains 36 Chromebooks. They will each be housed in a specific location where they can be easily accessed by all department members. They should remain locked when not in use. The keys will be in three locations: department chairs, ITF, and front office.

Back of the cart

The back of the cart should remain locked at all times. If you ever have any issues or concerns with Chromebooks not charging properly, please let me know as soon as possible. Please do not try and adjust/fix things without consulting me first.

Each cart has two different modes when plugged in. If the switch is at the top (1), the two outlets will receive power. In this mode, the Chromebooks will not charge. When the switch is in the down position (2), the Chromebooks will charge in a specific cycle. The top 18 will charge and then it will switch to the bottom 18. There are light indicators that will alert you to which mode is currently being used. If you leave it in the middle (3), the cart will not receive any power.

(1) The front of the cart has two doors and a handle in the upper middle part of the right door. In order to open the cart, you will need to (2) lift the handle out and up before (3) turning it to the left so that it is parallel with the top of the cart.

(1) Each cart has three shelves with twelve Chromebooks per shelf. (2) The first slot on each shelf is left empty and the chargers should connect from the left side of the Chromebook. I would prefer that teachers be the ones to put Chromebooks back in the cart or at least make any adjustments before returning the cart to the centralized location.

Check Out

The buttons will take you to a Google form to verify that you have read through this Tackk. Once you submit the form, there will be a link to the sign-up sheet for your department.

In the video above, you can see how to sign-up for the Chromebooks. Please be mindful of your colleagues when signing up for the cart. If there are ever any questions or conflicts, be sure to contact me or check the revision history to see who made changes and when they were made. Even if it is the day of use, you will still need to put your name in the document. This will help prevent any confusion about who is supposed to be using the carts. The document will help keep a log of usage. This data is very important.