Anatomy and Physiology, Vol. 4

Welcome to Volume 4 of Anatomy and Physiology at Coppell High School!

Are Zombies Plausible?

This six weeks we explored the possibilities of a virus that could cause zombie like characteristics in humans.  From dissecting brains to exploring cow eyes, we discussed how our brain works and interacts with our environment.  At the end of the six weeks, we formed opinions on a potential zombie outbreak.  Read and watch student responses on our class portfolio and see what CHS Anatomy students think!

Global Collaboration

This past week, CHS Anatomy students have partnered with schools in Kentucky, Minnesota, and New Zealand to build an interactive iBook to help educate children all over the world.  In collaboration with The Oceans Project and Kaya Volunteers, we are building educational resources to help our worlds most disadvantaged youth.  Read more about the Oceans Project or find more details on my blog by clicking the link below,

Creating our interactive iBook on our new class iMac station, courtesy of Coppell Education Foundation.

Visiting Pinkerton

Pinkerton Elementary 2nd graders finished a lesson on the human body systems and asked if we could facilitate a lab with them.  Anatomy students went this week and dissected eyes with their 8 year old lab partners!  We appreciate Pinkerton 2nd grade teachers allowing us to visit and share what we learned.

Hands-On Learning

Earlier this semester, I asked students to collect a bag of recycled items from your home, things that were not needed or wanted and probably should have been tossed out already.  We used these items to build nerves and show how these nerves transmit messages throughout the body.  I don't know if students had more fun with the hands-on learning portion of this or sorting through everyones recyclables! Either way, I loved seeing their creations! :)

Eye Dissection

Ever wonder what a day in the life of an anatomy student looks like? Check out this time-lapsed video showing a cow eye dissection. Special thanks to Lauren and Christianna for capturing this.  And don't fingers were injured in the making of this video.

Hope you all have a safe and warm Spring Break!