Anatomy - Fall Newsletter

Welcome to the fall newsletter for Anatomy and Physiology.  Check out the cool things we have going on in class right now!

What a busy month!! We have dissected fetal pigs, talked to the UK, learned about what life is like as a surgeon, and began our year long projects designed to help with the obesity epidemic and global hunger issues.  Your kids have done some amazing things in the first six weeks of school, so make sure and ask them to share with you!

Skyping with the UK!

We got to Skype with Sarah Weldon from the Oceans Project this month as well!  We did a Q&A to find out what she is doing and why.  My favorite comment was her wondering why we were all dressed as farmers.  Friday overalls are confusing to those outside of the US.  :)

Read this excerpt from her foundations website:

"The Great British Viking Quest is a 14-week, 3000 mile, world first, solo row around Great Britain, retracing the oar strokes of Viking seafarers, warriors, and conquerors, to bring ocean literacy, environmental, and STEM education to life for students worldwide in the 21st century. Funds raised will provide access to education for some of the most disadvantaged young people worldwide, to help every child 'go for gold' and to be successful in what they do."

I am so impressed with the work she is doing to help children around the world.  I am very excited about the opportunity for my class to assist her in educating children in need.  We were challenged to create educational material this year that can be used by her foundation to help teach kids all over the world!  This project will be our focus during the second semester.

Health Myths

We spent some time looking at popular myths revolving around diet and nutrition and researched the truth behind these common misconceptions regarding what we eat.  We practiced using scientific databases to obtain current, scientific information and learned how to identify credible resources. Media projects were created to share what we found and will be published in our iTunes U course to be released in January, 2015!

Guest Speaker - Dr. Wolf

Special thanks for Dr. Wolf for visiting our classroom this month to share his expertise.  Dr. Wolf is a trauma surgeon at Parkland and has worked with Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio.  Dr. Wolf has been featured on 60 Minutes for his outstanding work in regenerative medicine.  We really appreciate him offering his time to share with us!

Living Well in Coppell

Join us in improving the health of our community by pledging to Live Well in Coppell. Over the next month, we will be participating in events in our community to improve our health as well as the health of those around us.  Hope you will take the pledge with us!  We hope to see you Saturday at noon at Andy Brown East for the kickoff!

UTSW Med School Visit

Each month, UTSW Medical School offers sessions to promote health professions to high school students.  This month, we heard from Dr. Goodman on "How Cells Store Fat". This is an optional activity that students can participate in throughout the year and parents are always welcome to attend with them.  Check our class schedule for dates.  Topics will be added as we receive more information.

Visual Learning

Students attempted to visualize their learning this six weeks on digestion and nutrition.  Click the link above to check out a few of their sketch notes that show how the digestive system is connected to diet and nutrition.

Upcoming Events

All events are open to students and their families!

Wednesday, October 1 - Pledge to Live Well in Coppell and join us to create a healthier community

Saturday, October 4 - Bike with the Mayor at Andy Brown East at noon.

Tuesday, October 14 - Learn how to build healthy habits with Cooper Clinics Todd Whitthorne at 7pm at the CARC, Room A

Monday, October 20 - UTSW Event - Guest Speaker: ENT at 6pm

Learner Portfolios

Don't forget to ask to see your child's portfolio.  They should have completed one challenge and hopefully posted one other item that they are proud of this month.