Anatomy and Physiology  
Curriculum Night at CHS

Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology curriculum night at CHS.  You will find all course resources below.  Feel free to contact me at anytime if you have questions.

Welcome to our classroom!

Join us in learning in iTunes U

You can subscribe to our course in iTunes U to access all course information and learn along with us this year.  iTunes U acts as our course website and is open to anyone with an iDevice.  The course is also linked into Blackboard for convenience and easy access.

What do you want your kids to learn?

What do you want your kids to learn this year in anatomy?  They are designing their own syllabus, so help out and contribute some ideas!  What will help them be successful in their future in connection with health and the human body?

Health Challenges

Each six weeks, learners are challenged to improve their health and the health of those around them.  These challenges offer a variety of options to accommodate different interests and learning styles.  Learners are required to complete one challenge of their choice and write a reflective blog post about their experience.  They are encouraged to find others to participate with them, so check out the challenges and see what we have going on!  Learners are encouraged to create their own challenges if none of the ones offered sound interesting to them.  The only requirement is that it must connect to our current topic of study.  

Showcase of Learner Work

Projects will be posted to our class portfolio throughout the school year.  You can favorite or comment on any projects. Help provide an authentic audience for our class by learning from what we create!  Your learner also created their own personal portfolio to use throughout the year.  Ask them to share it with you so you can see how their work progresses throughout the year.

Share Your Expertise!

We are always looking for engaging guest speakers in the science and medical field, as well as chaperones for our field trips.  If you can help in anyway, sign up by clicking above and I will contact you with more details.  

Class Schedule/Lesson Plans

This link will provide you with day-to-day plans in Anatomy and Physiology.  It is updated daily and contains all assignment deadlines and other important information.  

Course iBook

We utilize an iBook for Anatomy and Physiology, E. O. Wilson's Life on Earth.   The book is a free download from iBooks.  

Course Supplies

Learners are required to supply a $10 course fee to cover the dissection costs for the school year and each group of 4 is required to bring one box of non-latex gloves.  Other classroom supplies requested (but not required) are hand soap, dish soap, and clorox bleach wipes if you would like to contribute.  


This course utilizes REMIND to help learners keep up with due dates, altered schedules, or other reminders this school year.  This is completely optional.  If you choose to follow our REMIND, please use your name for your account so I do not confuse your account with learner accounts. Thanks!!

If you want to subscribe to our Remind account, text @jdei to 972-464-2144

Contact Information

You can contact me at  Please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime with questions or concerns.

My office number is 214.496.6321 if you would like to leave me a voicemail.