Social Media

by: @mrsjcaviness and @thepoullard

How can we use social media in our classroom?
How does the iPad change the look of our classroom?

Gives purpose
Allows for opportunities for creativity and sharing
Fosters authentic communication

  • Facebook - allows educators to create a classroom Facebook page using a learner-friendly platform. Hashtags, group messages, notifications on learner News Feed page make Facebook a unique social media opportunity for your classroom.
  • Twitter - allows for creation, interaction, and sharing of ideas within network of learners and educators. Twitter provides authentic learning experiences and extends connections into our professional and global community
  • Instagram - allows users to share their ideas through pictures and videos. A picture is worth a 1000 lessons!
  • Google+ Hangouts - An intuitive platform that allows learners and educators to meaningfully collaborate, videochat, and share with ease.

Social Media in Your Classroom

We desire for our fellow educators in this session to walk away with tangible ideas to implement in your classroom.

How will you use it in your content area? SHARE YOUR (at least one) IDEA
warm-up activities, down time, full classroom integration, professional learning, etc.

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