Longhorns "Wild" About Reading

The Challenge

This summer, we are challenging all Longhorns to read 1000 minutes this summer.  That's about 100 minutes a week or 20 minutes a day. Longhorns who successfully complete this reading challenge, may be eligible for a Longhorn Swag Bag at the Back to School Rally on August 1, 2015.   

In addition to the 1000 minutes of reading, we are asking all CHISD students to participate in the Zula B. Wylie Summer Reading Program for more exciting learning opportunities and the chance to earn more cool prizes.

Visit Zula B. Wylie Library any time during the summer to checkout books or for an event. Make sure to tell the librarian that you are "A Longhorn Wild About Reading!" to receive a special reading ticket that you will need to receive your SWAG BAG!

Even more fun and prizes...

In addition to reading 1000 minutes, you will need a reading ticket from the library and Barnes and Noble. Make sure to tell the cashier that you are "A Longhorn Wild About Reading!" to receive a special reading ticket that you will need to receive your SWAG BAG!

Online Events

Throughout the summer students can log on and join us for a live streaming story hour.  The day of the scheduled event, the buttons below will link to the live streaming.  You can view live streaming events at the library.

The first 10 students to visit the Cupcake Company for Storytime will receive a free snowcone.

Tweet This!

In addition to the 1000 minute Reading Challenge, we are encouraging students, teachers, and parents to participate in our online activities challenge.  Tweet or post about your summer reading adventures for a chance to win some awesome Longhorn swag.  Here are some suggestions of things to post:

  • Library Selfie - take and post a picture of you at the library.
  • Reading Play Date - post a picture of you and your friends getting together to read and discuss books.
  • Reading Across Cedar Hill - take and post a picture of you reading at various points of interest in Cedar Hill (parks, Barnes and Noble, coffee shops, etc.).
  • Out and About - take and post pictures of you reading on vacation from various destinations around Texas, the US, and even the world, or your own backyard.

Be sure to mention @cedarhillisd and use the #Hornswildreading.

Even More Fun Reading Activites

Along with the online Celebrity Readers, and the Twitter Challenges, students can complete the following activities for a chance to win more, cool Longhorn Swag.

Online Trading Card

Save your Trading Card and submit it to us using the link below.  We will notify you if you are a winner.  We might even display your trading card around town.  Be on the look out!

Author Your Own Book with help from a real Author

Using the resources and storyboards below, write your own book. Then join us for a Publishing night where you can have teachers help you with the editing and publishing process.  We will be publishing the final projects electronically and featuring our student authors on our website.  Students can do this independently or they can attend a student writing work shop at the Zula B. Library.

June 16th from 6:30-7:30

Meet local author Michelle Stimpson to learn about the book authoring project and get helpful tips for completing your book.

July 7th from 6:30-8:30

Publishing Night - bring your story and drawings and staff will assist you in converting to an electronic format and submitting it for publication.

July 28th from 6:30-7:30

Author's Celebration - come share you published book with others.

Something for the Grown-ups

In addition to encouraging our students to read, we want to offer some online webinars for parents and guardians taught by CHISD Staff.  You can view the webinars by clicking the links below at the correct day and time.  All webinars will be recorded and available for viewing later.

Claiming Your Prize

The reading challenge will start June 8, 2015 please keep track of your reading and submit your progress daily or weekly using the form below.  You must register prior to June 15, 2015 to be eligible for the SWAG bag.  The last day of reading for the Longhorn Swag Bag will be July 24, 2015.  Additionally, to be eligible, you must submit your reading log weekly, one entry totaling 1000 minutes will not qualify.  All time must be submitted via the electronic reading log.  Paper reading logs will not be accepted at the back to school rally.  We will have a print out of all students who have registered and submitted their logs.  You will need to bring your 2 reading tickets (one from Barnes and Noble and one from Zula B. Wylie Library) and redeem them at the Back to School Rally on August 1, 2015.

Start Reading Today!

You may submit daily or weekly.  Here is a link to download a paper reading log that you can track your daily reading on and then submit electronically each week.