Join the Conversation

The Power of Twitter


Getting used to the Twitter language can be a challenge. Let's break it down and figure out why conversations are the strength of Twitter. In the example above you will see four components:

Text all information within 140 characters you want to share with your followers.
@ is a "Mention" and is how you give a shout out to another Twitter user.
# is a "Hashtag" and is how you join conversations. For example, if you were to go to Twitter and search for #lpsleads, you would see tweets by many people under this conversation topic.
URL - Twitter shortens the web addresses you add to your conversations.

Still not sure what this all means? Check out the video below:

Where do I find conversations?

There is no shortage of Twitter hashtags (conversations) to join. You can find topics by searching Twitter, paying attention to journals, TV ads, etc. Or you can search lists such as:

Cyberman's Educational Hashtags List
Weekly Twitter Chats
Twitter Chat Schedules

Your Challenge...

The best way to learn about the strength of the hashtag is to just try. To join a conversation, add your thoughts to your tweet followed by #topic. We typically use many of the same hashtag conversations as one tends to get interested in the topic.

Once you feel comfortable, try actually joining and interacting in a scheduled Twitter "Chat". Many chats occur at the same time each week.

In the next session, we will learn more about TweetDeck in order to help organize your Twitter world!