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Create Effective #Hashtags

If you fairly new to social media, in this case Twitter, you may have had a tough time figuring out what or how to tweet.  Below are the most common questions when it comes tweeting on Twitter:

  • How do I figure out which hashtag to use and set it up?
  • How do I know what people are saying?
  • How do I know what hashtag people are using if I want to find conversations about an area of interest?
  • How do I know who is using the hashtag?

How to figure out and set up a hashtag?

Setting up a hashtag is easy. Type it in the Twitter search and see if anyone is using it. If not, start using it. If they are, modify it in some way while keeping it short.

In this screenshot you see I did a search for #classpets.  As I looked through the Tweets I found it relevant. I can use it as is or make some modifications to it. I can add another hashtag to tweet or edit it. Then all you do is start using it and tell others to do the same.

How to know what people are saying?

People are using hashtags in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. But how do you know what they're saying? One way is to do a search in each platform. A better way is to use Tagboard which aggregates hashtags from a variety of mediums.  Here is a link: Tagboards.

Here is what it looks like. You simply search the hashtag and then you can look at #hashtags used by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Vine, or Flickr. Or you can click one social media icon and look just at posts from that platform.

How to find the hashtag people are using?

Interested in a topic but don’t know what hashtag people are using. No problem. Use Say you were interested in the “flipped classroom.” Type that term into and see what happens.

Notice that #flippedclassroom has a popularity of 35.6 and What is more popular is #flipclass with a popularity of 46.2.

Keyhole allows you to search for hashtags, and keywords on Instagram and Twitter. And dishes out dashboards of very valuable information – including influencers, top posts, reach, top pages and domains. They’ll also slice the data by demographics, platforms, keywords and hashtags. You can also save your searches for future

KeyholeHow to know who is using the hashtag.

Use sites mentioned here like TOPSY or, but the best way to find people using a hashtag is on Twitter. Simply search for the hashtag, then select "People." When you do, you will see the top people using the hashtag which is great.