Butch Walker and his wife Nora, Hotel California

Butch Walker and his wife Nora live in the beautiful state of California in the Los Angeles area. Walker is an award-winning singer and songwriter and he has been a touring artist for more than 25 years. He is known for a number of things but most recently his career has continued to soar as he is an in demand record producer who holds an impressive list of credits. He has worked with a number of prominent artists including Taylor Swift, and Keith Urban. He has also works with a number of the most prominent artist in a number of other genres so it is clear his musical skill is universal. Living in Los Angeles, he has a lot of access to many of the top artists and different events that surround the world of music. He loves recording and playing in front of a live audience as that is a big part of his career over all. He is fond of the connection and artistry that it takes to perform in front of live audiences in different venues around the country. He most recently released a new album called ‘Afraid of Ghosts’ which came out in early February 2015. The album has received critical praise in a number of publications and his audience is as strong as ever. This is the latest in a series of albums and his first since 2011. He features a number of musicians on the album including one actor named Johnny Depp, who plays solo on one of the albums tracks. The record was produced by his good friend Ryan Adams.

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