BYOD-Security and E-Safety
Rebeka Kurg

How to be safe while using your devices in the classroom?
  • have up-to-date virus protection on the devices
  • use secure passwords (lock screens)
  • don`t let your device out of sight, don`t let strangers use it
  • only visit suitable and appropriate webpages used for the purpose of learning (chosen by the teacher)
  • keep personal information (home address, telephone number, family members` names etc.) secret
  • don´t open any e-mails sent by people you do not know
  • set profile settings to private (unless school projects shared with other students and teachers)
  • don`t believe everything you read
  • think before you send!
  • don´t upload any inappropriate or illegal information/pictures/content etc.
  • tell your friends to ask before they share any pictures/information about you
  • only download/install apps that you know and that are secure (check the internet before doing so)

If you follow these rules, you will be safe and secure while using your own device!