Nerd Girls a catastrophe

of nerdish proportion
By- Alan Lawrence Stomer

In this exciting book Maureen aka Mo is the head of a group of girls known as the nerds. Then there is Kiki Master head of the popular group. aka the Three Peas

How I got hooked

Three things I love - chocolate laughing friends

Three things I hate- Girls who think they are better than me because they are prettier than I am, public speaking, and jokes about my body.

They always have to trick each other but this time the Three peas have gone to far. When beanpole (nerd) has the rivals nerds and Three peas in the art room where it all started where they actually made them to work together to win the Academic Septatlon.

While they be able to work together

Will Maureen be able to go through this when her "dad" wont leave her alone wll she go through this will all of her problems "just go away"

Will Beanpole (nerd) be able to wake up and smell the coffee?

Will Alice (Q nerd) be able to cure herself of the allergies that plague her?

Will the three peas cooperate with the nerds to win so they wont get suspended?

Find out in this exciting book about popular and nerds!!!!!

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