Karen's In Love

Baby Sitters Little Sister #15

    This book is about a girl named Karen who is going to marry a boy she likes named Ricky and they are in second grade. She has two best friends Hannie and Nancy who are going to be her bridesmaids. Karen and Ricky got into a fight because Karen wanted Ricky to get Pamela a snake for her birthday party. Karen got mad because he gave her a nice gift. She wouldn't talk to him for a while.  Two days afterwards, she decided that she didn't want to be mad at Ricky anymore. She made him a card for Valentine's Day, but she didn't know if he would laugh or give her a valentine. He looked at Karen and pulled a valentine card out of his desk and gave it to her. Ricky wasn't mad anymore either and said the wedding is back on. They had the wedding on the playground at school. Ricky kissed Karen on the cheek and they gave each other their rings. They were really happy and when they got back to class they chose each other as partners.

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