James Benson Irwin travels to another world

by Kate Blew

James Benson Irwin was a NASA astronaut.  Born March 17th 1930, he grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, America.  James Irwin had five children - Joy, Jill, James, Jan and Joe who was adopted.  James Irwin was one of the best people in the United States Air Force.  James Benson Irwin died in August 1991.

In 1971, during the U.S Apollo 15th space mission, James became the eighth person to walk on the moon.  On this mission the first ever use of the battery powered four wheel runabout Rover One (moon buggy) was used.  The buggy took the astronauts farther from their ship than any other astronauts have ever been.  James Irwin found a piece of moon crust that was more than 4 billion years old it is called a Genesis Rock.  The astronauts collected 175 pounds of rocks and soil. 

The Genesis Rock has provided scientists with clues to how the Solar System might have been formed.  The scientists still use the Genesis Rock today.  James Irwin assembled an automatic significant station to transmit information back to Earth. 

James Irwin was the first of the moon walkers to die.  James Irwin spent 67 hours in space.  He was also a founder of the High Flight Foundation, a religious organisation.  James Irwin went in search of Noah's Ark but never found it.  James Irwin was very religious and he felt that God was up in space with him on the moon and on Earth.