Ciro Tourinho

Channel Operations Manager at Unilever Brasil, Consumer Goods

About Ciro Tourinho

As the Channel Operations Manager at Unilever Brasil, Ciro Orenstein Ribeiro Tourinho manages traditional channels and brand communication, making certain that brand images are properly communicated and presented to consumers and industry executives. Ciro Orenstein Ribeiro Tourinho began work with Unilever Brasil in 2004, and has become one of the most highly valued contributors to the firm.
<br/>Ciro Orenstein Ribeiro Tourinho holds a degree in Business Administration from Universidade Salvador and is currently studying at Fundacao Getulio Vargas in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he plans to obtain his Master of Business Administration with a focus on retail in 2010.
<br/>In between work and school, Ciro Orenstein Ribeiro Tourinho pursues several hobbies, such as going to the gym or the beach, watching movies, and reading novels.

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