Hosting Training

  • You like to see ideas grow and want to create a space for new perspectives and development?
  • You want to create a framework for creative exchange?
  • You may know how to work with and moderate groups, - or you may want to learn how to get the best out of them?
  • You want to get to know new creative methods and even further develop yourself?
  • You have fun in engaging regularly with others and building a network or community?
  • You like to be in touch with entrepreneurs, project initiators and other people from different professional backgrounds in London?

Then join in and become a host for cool ideas society in London!

YOU WILL LEARN... to host and moderate big groups and handle challenging situations
...the basics of a group dynamic
...learn the principal of art of hosting and cool ideas society
...learn different kinds of creativity, innovation and ice breaker methods to prepare a pitcher for our events
...the organizational process of the cool ideas society events
...and simple tricks for visualisation

As a Host you will help others get closer to their dreams
(where amazing things can happen)


...opportunity to network and gain exposure to a global network branding guidelines and templates
....facilitator guide book and training material
...opportunity to build a community
...use of Tools - website, newsletters etc.
...part of a bigger facilitator group - co-sharing expertise - yearly facilitator meetings
...profile on website


27th & 28th of september 2014 from 10.00-18.00

We are still looking for a great location to host our hosting training.


this Training would normally cost 275£

this time we let you decide how much the training is worth

Contact 07438287941

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