Jasmine Savage

Australian Bushfires

What: It's a hillside that's on fire, most typically called a Bush fire.

Where: Bush fires happen in the Australian Outback, during the hotter seasons of the year.

Why is it there: Bush fires are typically caused the hot, dry weather, and mostly by natural causes. When twigs, and small branches, most likely on the forest floor set fire on a hot, dry day, it causes the fire to spread rapidly throughout the forest or hill very quickly.

Why Care: When bush fires spread to civilisation, it can quickly burn up houses, people, and even towns, such as in Victoria, in the 2009 series of Black Saturday Bushfires, 173 people have died, 2,000 homes destroyed, and many towns where completely burnt to the ground. On top of that, thousands of acres of forests have burnt down, losing habitats for animals as well as wildlife.