Makey Makey Project

Megan Arambulo, Edward Dy, Jamica DyJuanco, Luigi Pimentel, Justin Sian, Stella Woo

ž What are the reasons why you created it?  

We created this Makey Makey band so that people from all different age groups can enjoy playing an instrument. Because the instrument is smaller and is much simpler to use, anyone can have a great time experiencing what it is like to play a instrument.


Children can learn how to play an instrument and if ever, they can continue to play by buying an real instrument. Adults can enjoy their time playing these instruments even make different designs.


  • Playdoh
  • Makey makey kit
  • Wire
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Shoe Box

The band is consisted of 6 different instruments piano, guitar, drums, bass guitar, xylophone, flute. Most of these instruments have up to an octave to play but for the guitars, there are only 4 notes available to play, because unlike the piano, guitars have different ways to play each chord.  Below and above are pictures of the instruments that the group has made.


Easy - Justin

Ok - Luigi

It's ok :) - Jamica

It's ok - Megan

Ok - Megan

Hard - Stella

In making these instruments, it was quite challenging because none of us has experienced using this Makey Makey kit before. It was quite challenging for some of us because making the instrument was also hard to do. We couldn't make any of the conductive materials touch each other as if they would, the wrong sound would be heard. Making other instruments were easier, as only pencils were used so there was no worry of the wires touching each other. It was still a great learning experience for all of us and helped us to understand instruments and the use of MakeyMakey kits. We also learned the different types of conductive materials so if ever we need to use this kit again, it would be more fun to use this kit.

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